Spider Tanks Is Officially Live: Here’s How You Can Play

Spider Tanks, an exciting new Pvp esports brawler web3 game, is now live! Developed by award-winning GAMEDIA, it is a free-to-play game that also uses P2E mechanics. Players also have the opportunity to design their own mech monster and choose from a wide range of weaponry in a creative garage mode. Whether you want to play with friends or participate in elite competitions, there is something for everyone. The game is available on the popular web3 and gaming platform Gala Games for PC and Mac users.

Image of Spider Tanks gameplay in the sky
Spider Tanks is a brand new web3 esports PvP brawler.

Spider Tanks is now available to play!

The new Spider Tanks game has various game modes and ways to play and earn. With six excellent maps to choose from, each is unique and requires different in-game tactics. You can fight in jungle temple ruins or at a subzero arctic base. 

Ultimately, you choose how you want to play the game. You can participate in skill-based competitions, collect resources, and use upgrades to earn rewards that will also help you in-game.

Remember, this brawler is free-to-play and combines web3 technology with the competitiveness of esports.

“Spider Tanks is a great example of how Gala is redefining the game and blockchain space by merging Web 3 and esports into the first Web3 PvP esports brawler,” said John Osvald, President of Gala Games. “Once you get into the battle arena, Spider Tanks is nonstop. It really puts the power in the hands of the players and gives them the ultimate control of their success.”

Create your own Spider Tanks

One of the game’s most important features is that it offers enormous levels of personalization. Significantly, the design of the machine you use in battle is entirely down to your preference. 

There is a remarkable garage for you to customize your mechanical monster and fit it with different bodies, tanks, and weapons. Furthermore, players can also trade and upgrade items in the Spider Tanks store. Because there are more than 30 hero tanks, 45 weapons, and 45 bodies in rarity levels, every player can build a unique mech monster to fight with.

In the game, you can also earn money in several ways. The token reward system provides ‘Victory Points’ for various in-game actions. Winning matches, owning maps or land that hosts battles, and running nodes will give you points too.

Image of Spider Tanks gameplay dragon fire
Players can upgrade and design their own Spider Tanks mechanical monster.

How to play Spider Tanks

There are three different game modes available –

  1. Team Deathmatch – All-out war and the victor is the player with the most kills. 
  2. Capture the Chicken – Team game in which you must capture the moving chickens.
  3. Capture the Flag – A classic game mode – Hold the flag for longer than your enemies.

Significantly, players can also choose how they want to play each game mode in Spider Tanks. Basically, you decide how to experience the game. 

  1. Pilot – Take charge of your own Spider Tank and fight in PvP combat.
  2. Captain – Create an army of Spider Tank pilots who do the fighting for you 
  3. Baron – Owning a PvP map allows you to receive rewards from battles on your land.

The game already has tremendous support

The Spider Tanks game has recently been in public testing mode and enjoyed great success. Over 600,000 matches have already taken place, and that’s just in the testing mode! Nearly 25,000 players were taking part weekly. 

Now, the game is live, and players can begin to enjoy the whole experience.


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