What is the MetaBar? We are here to provide NFT’s that are physically backed up by bespoke bottles of whisky. Our aim is to create a community of collectors and like-minded people in the whisky and NFT space.

The MetaBar will create NFTs that are physically backed up by premium limited edition collections of Scotch Whisky that have been created by some of the worlds most renowned master blenders.

The MetaBar NFTs will be securely registered on the Blockchain and held in a smart contract until you redeem your bottle of whisky at which point the NFT is burned.

The Founders 

Ryan Wilson is a professional rugby player who has represented Scotland 50 times at International level and has played at the highest level for over 14 years. Ryan has been involved with Crypto currencies and NFT’s for a number of years now and owns and is involved in many NFT groups. The concept of NFT’s backed up by a physical asset felt like a natural evolution to him. 

Ian MacMillan is a Master Distiller with a wealth of knowledge and experience over 5 decades within the whisky industry. He has blended some of the finest whisky at some of the most renowned distilleries and has joined the Metabar to create our inaugural release of the ‘Dram Code’ – a limited edition blended grain whisky with only 250 bespoke bottles.

The Drop

If you manage to secure one of the limited edition bottles you will then receive your first NFT which is a picture of the Dram Code bottle Violet Palaks painting in the background. This will be held until you redeem your bottle of Dram Code whisky and once you have redeemed it this NFT will be burned and you will receive a second NFT which will be Violet’s digital artwork of her painting.

The Artwork

Violet Palak is an incredibly talented artist who studied figurative painting in Edinburgh. She started in the Web3 space 3 years ago and has been creating NFT’s since. The painting created for The Metabar is her expression of the whisky and NFT’s world’s coming together and encapsulates the idea of NFT’s being backed up by “liquid gold”

Once the artwork is viewed through compatible apps such as Artivive you can see the image come to life in 3D and you can really feel the mood that Violet has tried to achieve.


Your new NFT also offers even more utility, it is now a 1 of 250 platinum membership to the Metabar. Our plan is to build a community and in owning the first NFT created by the Metabar we want to reward you. You will now have priority access to future drops and more.

Source NFT Evening

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