Upland Is Launching a VR Metaverse Space For the World Cup in Qatar

Headlines are abuzz with World Cup action – and Upland is getting in the game by launching a VR metaverse space for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Not only that – Upland and FIFA have also entered into a multi-year partnership that allows football fans to collect, trade, and own FIFA digital collectibles. So, what is the FIFA VR metaverse space?

a graphic of an upland llama celebrating the world cup
Expect more football-related experiences on Upland, thanks to the metaverse’s partnership with FIFA.

About the Upland World Cup experience

Through this partnership, Upland will create a gamified experience, available to over 3 million registered users. To clarify, for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Upland will launch a VR Metaverse replica of Qatar’s Lusail Stadium. In addition to the metaverse stadium, there will also be FIFA-branded shops, villages, and showrooms. What’s more, fans can virtually visit these areas!

Furthermore, the Upland World Cup experience also includes a collection game with limited-edition mystery bundles at multiple rarity levels. These consist of country-specific boots, shirts, crests, logos, mascots, and whatnot. Through this collection, fans will be able to represent their favourite team in both real life and the metaverse.

Upland Co-Founder and Co-CEO Dirk Lueth commented: “No other world competition unites countries and people worldwide quite like the FIFA World Cup. We’re excited to create a multi-touch web3 experience showcasing fun, innovation, entrepreneurialism, and community as the first of many opportunities in the future of FIFA World Cups, where fans can now collect, own, and share a real moment in history.”

What is Upland?

The metaverse platform Upland is best known for letting its users rebuild the real world into the metaverse. Players can buy as well as sell virtual properties mapped to actual addresses in prime locations around the world. The Upland World Cup experience is not the metaverse’s first time in the football space. In June 2022, FC Porto became the first football club to join the Upland metaverse.


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