VeeFriends has announced a new exciting partnership with Starter, the sportswear brand. Together, they have created VeeFriends x Starter, which includes IRL merchandise. The drop begins today. All VeeFriends S1 and S2 Alert Ape holders are eligible to purchase the limited edition Starter Alert Ape Jacket. The collaboration also includes fashion retailer END Clothing, who will distribute the jacket across Europe. With a retail price of $285, this is a unique opportunity to participate in a remarkable IRL merch drop.

VeeFriends x Starter red jacket with alert ape on the back
VeeFriends has teamed up with Starter for an exclusive IRL merch drop.

VeeFriends and Starter team up for Apparel drop!

The VeeFriends NFT project aims to provide value for its community, and the latest partnership is proof of this. The NFT collection, created by the famous entrepreneur and NFT personality, Gary Vee, is now joining forces with Starter, the iconic American clothing company. 

Speaking about the latest collaboration, Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO & Creator of VeeFriends, said, “I have loved watching this collaboration come together, as I’m so passionate about bringing awareness, relevancy, and value to both VeeFriends and our partners. I grew up loving the brand and wore Starter in high school with my favorite sports teams, and I love the look because it’s so creatively current at the moment.”

The VeeFriends x Starter – Alert Ape Jacket features an NFT from the VeeFriends ecosystem. The Alert Ape is featured prominently on the back of the fashionable jacket.

The jacket also comes in a range of sizes (S-XXL) and is available to customers in the USA and Internationally. 

VeeFriends holders can join a panel discussion.

The utility on offer for VeeFriends Series 1 and Series 2 Alert Ape holders also includes a unique opportunity. In fact, along with being eligible to claim one Starter Alert Ape Jacket per NFT owned, they can also join a virtual panel discussion.

This virtual panel discussion with Gary Vee & Carl Banks explores the history of Starter jackets and their impact on culture.


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