What You Missed at Ledger Op3n in Paris 2022

Some big announcements were made at  Ledger Op3n in Paris 2022, including a new hardware wallet and browser extension. The atmosphere was heavy with anticipation of what’s to come in the future of Web3. NFTs are clearly a big part of Ledger’s vision, the company brought together a number of creators and brands to discuss the ever-evolving metaverse. So with out further ado, this is what you missed at Ledger Op3n this year:

ledger op3n banner event
Ledger Op3n showed us what the future of crypto security will look like

The New Touchscreen Hardware Wallet: Ledger Stax

Of course, the big ticket item on the agenda at Ledger Op3n 2022 was the unveiling of Stax, a cold wallet from the inventor of the iPod. This new touch screen device is a huge design improvement, whilst keeping the same trusted security infrastructure as the Nano and Nano X.  The always-on, e-ink display will show your NFTs even when off, and the improved usability is intended to make it “delightful” to interact with. Available for pre-order now, the Ledger Stax can arrive at your door in the first few months of 2023. 

Ledger Stax is available for pre-order now

A Browser Extension Of the Future: Ledger Connect 

Op3n 2022 also gave fans in Paris a chance to see its new web extension in action. Ledger Connect is designed to be used with the Stax or the Nano X via bluetooth. This will make trading and buying NFTs from your cold wallets much smoother, and it’ll save you on gas costs from transferring your digital assets between wallets. 

We also heard from multiple people within Ledger that NFTs have been central in the development of both Stax and Connect. So we are certain of big improvements in the NFT trading experience in the near future. 

ledger art conference ledger op3n
While the conference focused on announcements, there was also plenty of art!

Ledger Op3n had a huge focus on user experience

Taking the brand trust Ledger has built over the years in the security scene, the company is now looking to focus much on expanding the uses of Web3 and taking the hassle out of NFT trading. 

“Once security is a given, we can start moving more and more into user experience. And Ledger is doing that.” Juan Leni, Zondax.

The panel “Adoption at Scale” brought together representatives of some global brands. They agreed that trusting Ledger’s security infrastructure was key in their decisions to invest in Web3. But it was the community spirit and creativity of NFT spaces that particularly attracted Time Magazine into the metaverse, said William Ban. 

What this all means is that bigger brands and larger investors will be moving into the metaverse in the coming years. This, they expect, will revolutionize the marketing industry and change how we engage with our favorite brands. How does that affect NFTs?

chromie squiggles ledger op3n
Chromie Squiggle by Snofro on display at Ledger Op3n

Ledger Op3n on Expanding NFT use cases

The final panel of Ledger Op3n, “New Cultural Identities”, zeroed in on the topic of NFTs. It brought in some big-name artists and creators, but also some familiar names from the non-virtual world. With representatives of high fashion and luxury brands, like Tiffany co., the focus was largely on bringing in new people to the world of NFTs. 

Tiffany’s CryptoPunk necklaces and the Breakfastverse by fashion label Ambush are both examples of new crossovers between the real world and the metaverse. At Ledger Op3n, their creators spoke about how they’re aiming to show people in the luxury fashion world the value of NFTs. With the success of both projects, we can expect to see more luxury and big-name brands moving into the NFT space. 

Meanwhile, on other panels, Fvckrender spoke about moving to Ledger after a hacking experience, whilst the use of NFTs in the art world was a key theme. NFTs as proof-of-purchase and using Blockchain to ensure creators get credit in future trades are just some of the ways Ledger Op3n panelists see NFTs being used in the future. For events and education too, the use of NFTs as proof of attendance or fun souvenirs looks set to expand.

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