Xsolla Gaming Payments Firm Launches An “NFT Checkout”

Xsolla Gaming, the global video games commerce company, is launching an NFT checkout service. This new solution intends to create an easy way for players to trade NFTs, including minting, buying, and selling them. Players can purchase NFTs using various Fiat currencies to make the NFT checkout system easy to use. Furthermore, you can also use a range of cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Solana, and many others. The commerce company believes this will also allow players to learn more about the NFT gaming world and increase education on Web3.

Image of Xsolla Gaming NFT checkout solution with grey background
Xsolla Gaming launches new updates to NFT solution for developers.

Xsolla Gaming announces updates to new NFT solution

The global video games commerce company, Xsolla has been working on the NFT solution for almost a year. To clarify, it was created to allow developers to quickly and securely add NFTs to their gaming ecosystems. Basically, the NFT solution allowed developers to handle the minting and delivery of the NFTs.

In turn, Xsolla handled the purchase of the checkout and in-game items distribution process. The updates will provide developers with new tools to do this directly, using a simple interface integrated with Xsolla Gaming solutions.

“We see continued interest from current and new game developers in the Web 3.0 market,” said Chris Hewish, President of Xsolla. “These developers want to deliver additional player value, drive engagement and retention and add new revenue streams. To help these developers, Xsolla has taken steps to help our partners monetize their games with NFTs by making it simple to buy, store, and mint NFTs for their customers.”

NFTs offer the gaming economy new engagement opportunities

The power of NFTs in gaming is extraordinary. Furthermore, it offers gaming companies new ways to develop and build games. It also provides players an extra layer of depth to their play, such as skins, in-game items, and other solutions.

Finally, Xsolla Gaming wants to make it easy for game developers to add NFTs to their gaming economies. The NFT checkout is one way they are trying to do this.


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