ZED RUN World Cup Tournament: What you should know

ZED RUN has announced its month-long World Cup Tournament inspired by the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The play-to-earn game will run its tournament from November 19th to December 20th to celebrate and support global soccer fan communities. Furthermore, the team-up will allow ZED RUN players to manage and compete for in-game rewards. Read on to find out how you can participate in the tournament!

ZED RUN Game Horses near a world cup football
Source: ZED RUN

How To Take Part In The ZED RUN World Cup Tournament?

ZED RUN has built a massive community bridging skill-based horse-racing gameplay with essential web3 experiences. To date, the game has earned its players over $40 million.

The game’s latest campaign will see players competing for prizes and representing their country. Taking inspiration from each of the 32 nations playing in the World Cup, they have created custom horse-racing skins for its horses. To clarify, players would need to own one of these skins to participate in the tournament. Then, after purchasing the World Cup skins, players would then need to attach it to their in-game race-horses.

Collectors can mint their custom skins by getting on the official ZED RUN allowlist. They will also be selling in-game items representing each country. Al0ngside the skins and other items, the contest will also feature custom world cup themed racetracks during the tournament. There are a lot of ways collectors can get in on the allowlist, such as:

  1. All Genesis racehorse owners,  Budweiser Pass holders and NASCAR Pass holders can register their wallet address on the registration site starting Tuesday, 18 October.
  2. Winning competitions run on their official Twitter and Discord server.
  3. Winning competitions run by ZED RUN partners: Footium, Anomura, Human Park, and ZED Token.

Moreover, each wallet will only be able to mint one custom NFT skin. Throughout the tournament, there will also be various team challenges that allow owners of the same custom skins to participate and win collective prizes.

What Is The Schedule For The ZED RUN World Cup?

With the allowlists minting on November 2nd, the meta horse-racing game is all geared up to bring in a month-long web3 extravaganza for fans and collectors. ZED RUN access list players will be able to mint 500 reserved skins at 0.055 ETH a pop. Following this, the public mint after November 4th will allow other entrants to mint 1600 NFTs at 0.075 ETH each.

schedule of the ZED RUN world cup tournament

The combined prizes for ZED RUN’s team group and knockout stages total $15,000 USD along with 50,000 ZED tokens. Their World cup final team challenge also includes a $12,500 USD prize alongside 50,000 ZED tokens. Moreover, the individual rewards throughout the duration of the World Cup total $9600 USD and NFT prizes from their web3 partners like Footium, Anomura, and Human Park among others.

About The Company

ZED RUN is a massively successful NFT horse racing platform. The game allows collectors to buy, sell, race, and breed digital horses. The game was developed by Australia-based Virtually Human Studios. The aim of founders Chris Laurent, Geoffrey Wellman, and Rob Salha was to decentralize the game of horseracing, which mostly caters to the rich and elite. Follow our complete guide on ZED RUN to learn more about the ecosystem.


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