5 Best Ways to Get Free NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) became popular in 2021 and have since then remained a buzzword on the internet. NFTs are a digital representation of an asset that could be a song, art, a video or even a tweet. This form of ownership is registered on the blockchain which ensures that it can’t be stolen or replicated. 

Despite the bad state of the overall crypto market this year, NFTs are still going strong. So if you are wondering how you can get free NFTs, you are in the right place. Surprisingly, it’s easier than you think, below is a list of the 5 best ways to get free NFTs. 

Play-to-Earn NFT Games

Play-to-earn NFT games are one of the ways through which you can earn free NFTs. These games are different from the traditional games we are used to. Unlike your usual games, NFT games allow you to own and trade in-game assets such as characters, tokens and items collected in the games. 

However, some of these games require that you make some purchases to play and earn. On the other hand, there are free ones that do not have such requirements. If you do not have the cash to spare then you should check out this list of best free-to-play NFT games

Additionally, there are marketplaces where these game NFTs can be sold for cryptocurrency. But if you intend to keep your earned assets, you can also make money by loaning them out to others. This applies to NFT games that require players to purchase some items to play. An example of this is the Axie Infinity scholarship where players give their Axies out to other players and collect a percentage of their earnings.

NFT Airdrops

Airdrops are a marketing strategy blockchain-based companies use to increase awareness about a token or a project. It often requires that a user holds a particular token to qualify for the airdrops. Also, there could be instances where a small service will be required from the user such as retweeting or liking their social media posts.

Established companies use it to to reward their community members and encourage others to join. An example is Yuga Labs, creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), airdropping Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs to BAYC holders. The airdropped NFTs rose in value quickly and exchanged hands at over $50,000 not long after its launch. 

However, getting free NFTs through airdrops comes with a level of risk. Most times, the airdrops are made directly to the wallet addresses of the users and there are instances where the airdrops often turn out to be a scam. Falling victim to such a scam could result in token losses which would be difficult or impossible to recover. 

To guard against this, it is important to DYOR (do your own research) on the project and those behind it. Also, check the community support behind the project; if it is minimal, or doesn’t look transparent, you might want to move on. 

Additionally, there are websites that inform you about upcoming NFT airdrops and how to take part. That way, you’d be able to stay ahead and not miss out on opportunities. 

NFT Giveaways

Social media giveaways, much like airdrops, are a marketing strategy blockchain-based startups use to increase awareness about their projects. Big companies in the crypto space also use it to reward their communities and ensure that they remain committed in the long run. 

These giveaways often require a level of participation in events, or fulfilment of a particular task. For example, it could be a task such as getting the highest likes on Twitter or to refer a number of people to join the project’s communities. 

Twitter and Discord are the social media pages where NFT giveaways happen. However, discovering these giveaways requires a high level of participation. For Twitter, it means you must follow the project’s Twitter page to know what they are up to and if they plan to do a giveaway. 

NFT Breeding

NFT breeding is one of the things that make NFTs an exciting technology. As the name suggests, NFT breeding involves using two NFTs to make new NFTs. An example is the breeding of Axies in the Axie Infinity gameverse to breed new characters. These characters, much like their parent NFTs can be used in the game and across multiple platforms. 

While this presents an excellent opportunity for users to earn NFTs, it also favors the projects as users will acquire more NFTs to benefit from this. Additionally, there are several ways the user can make money through the new NFTs. 

One such way is by selling the NFT on a marketplace. In the case of Axies, the user can loan the newly bred NFT out to a player who can’t afford to buy an Axie and earn passive income.

Some projects also make it easy for NFT holders to breed their NFT easily. For instance, some NFT collections create a platform where NFT users can link up to find users with NFTs of other sexes.  

Mint Yourself a Free NFT

The easiest and probably most convenient way to get a free NFT is to mint one yourself. Several decentralized applications (DApps), such as Polygon, allow you to mint, purchase or sell your NFT for free. This removes the high cost of gas fees which discourages many people from minting their own NFT. 

What is more, there are a few limitations to what you can mint as an NFT. Remember, NFTs are a digital representation of ownership stored and secured on the blockchain. Therefore, anything that can be owned can be represented as an NFT; tweets, music, videos, land deeds, art., etc.

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