Forbes and The Sandbox Create a Festive Metaverse Quest With Prizes

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Forbes has partnered with The Sandbox metaverse to create a festive metaverse quest. With this, players will get to experience the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Gallery, learn about Forbes’ history as well as Malcolm Forbes’ passions, and discover the all-new Forbes. What’s more, players can purchase exclusive Forbes wearables to explore The Sandbox metaverse. More importantly, players who complete all the quests will be entered into a 50,000 SAND prize pool.

Here’s all you need to know about The Sandbox x Forbes partnership:

The Sandbox x Forbes metaverse hub
A host of rewards await in the Forbes hub.

What is The Sandbox x Forbes partnership about?

With this partnership, Forbes is essentially creating an iconic Forbes party atmosphere in The Sandbox metaverse. The experience is complete with various quests, a Forbes store, wearables, rewards, and more. Besides, players will get to interact with NPCs across the virtual world to hear fun facts about Forbes. They also have some challenges up their sleeves!

Furthermore, the Forbes hub will also serve as a place for players to socialise, meet new people, and create new bonds. Together, players can visit the restaurant or do a little waltz! The event is open to everyone from 3 PM UTC on December 14 to 3 PM UTC on December 28. 

The Sandbox x Forbes: NFT rewards and giveaway

Firstly, players who complete all The Sandbox x Forbes quests will be added to a 50,000 SAND prize pool. The metaverse will equally distribute this to everyone eligible. Next, the two brands are also hosting a special giveaway—400 Forbes VIP Balloon NFTs are up for grabs! To participate, players have to complete all the quests, take a picture of their avatar in their favourite part of the Forbes hub, and share it on social media with a season’s greetings. Finally, a particular Forbes NPC in the metaverse is also offering a special subscription deal!

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