Futureverse: 8 Web3 Firms Merge to Create An Open Metaverse Ecosystem

Several Web3 Firms merged to create the Futureverse and usher in the Open Metaverse Ecosystem. With a shared vision of improving the Web3 experience with open projects, the eight companies represent a wide array of technologies. These include protocols, payment SDKs, and animation studios. The goal is to create a full-fledged open ecosystem with an enriched content layer.

Eight Web3 Firms Merge and an animated woman in a race car is seen supporting the cause.
The Futureverse is building the foundation of an open ecosystem. Credit: Futureverse.

What Is The Open Metaverse?

The Open Metaverse harkens back to the founding tenants of Web3. With an emphasis on decentralization, the Futureverse firms believe that no one metaverse should dictate the total experience. Instead, they see an ecosystem of different projects flourishing. Therefore, the open metaverse system that the Futureverse is building provides the infrastructure for this kind of interaction.

A cartoon ape in a scientist's outfit is seen inspecting a floating blob of data.
The Web3 Firms that merged represent a range of technologies. Credit: Futureverse.

What Web3 Firms Merged?

The Futureverse is now a company of 300 full-time Web3 employees. It is Co-Founded by Aaron McDonald, Shara Senderoff, Marco Brondani, and Daniel Gillepsie. The eight companies that combined to create the Futureverse include Altered State Machine, Non-Fungible Labs, Sylo, Centrapay, Centrapass, Immersive, Shadows Interactive, and Altered Phoenix. These firms represent a wide array of Web3 technologies like animation studios and payment SDKs.

Two animated bunnies stand atop a hill at sunset.
The Futureverse is building for the future with an open metaverse ecosystem. Credit: Futureverse.

What Is Futureverse’s Goal?

When eight Web3 Firms merge, you can be sure that big changes are underway. With a roadmap toward the Open Metaverse Ecosystem, the Futureverse is building the foundation for a more decentralized metaverse experience. One where a single player doesn’t come to own the whole conversation. The Futureverse is one to watch as the landscape develops.

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