Goblintown Tease A Possible Driving Game Collaboration with AtariX

Today, Goblintown and AtariX teased a collaboration. The cryptic Twitter post hinted at a potential Goblintown driving game – and the reactions are pouring in! Judging by the comments, it is safe to say that fans cannot wait for the full reveal. But what exactly is the Goblintown Game?

poster of the goblintown game goblincrash
Goblintown has coyly revealed its upcoming game Goblincrash.

What is the Goblintown game?

The wildly-popular NFT project teased the Goblintown game with an ambiguous tweet and video on Twitter. The tweet simply said “ₕₑᵤₐₕₑᵤₐ ₕₒw bₒᵤₜ dᵢₛ @AtariX.” It also featured a video showcasing a few Goblin-fied vehicles, with the text “in collaboration with AtariX.”

Furthermore, AtariX promptly replied to the thread with “Hey @goblintown we fixed your poster,” along with a poster with the title “Goblincrash” and visuals of the Goblin themed vehicles. However, no other details about Goblincrash have been revealed. Rest assured that we will keep you up to date with the latest news.

What is Goblintown?

Goblintown is a PFP project that went live this year in May. Despite the ongoing crypto crash, Goblintown has been and continues to be hugely successful. In only a few days, its Genesis collection, which consists of 10,000 NFTs, sold out immediately, and therefore was only available on the secondary market.

The project prides itself on not having a Discord channel, roadmap, or utility. In addition, what makes Goblintown special is that the NFTs are registered under a Creative Commons license. This means collectors can freely use their Goblintown NFTs in any creative way. With this new collaboration with AtariX and possibly the Goblintown game, the NFT project will undoubtedly continue to cement its position as one of the most exciting projects out there.


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