Puffverse Will Launch The First Phase Of PuffGo Football This Week

The Disney-esque metaverse known as Puffverse is launching the first phase of a Football Mode for its flagship game, PuffGo. Launching on November 20th, PuffGo Football will allow players to interact with Puff Football NFTs. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to earn USDT. Read on to find out more about PuffGo Football, and how you can buy a PuffGo NFT.

A yellow duck and green rhino sit in a field of grass with a soccer ball next to them.
Football mode launches on November 20th for PuffGo. Image Credit: Puffverse.

What is PuffGo Football?

The Football Mode will be available to those with an account on Puffverse. A Puff Genesis NFT provides 5 daily passes to play and a Puff Football NFT grants 3 per day. Furthermore, gameplay during the beta will be open two times a day for two hours each. Specifically 10 PM to 12 AM UTC and 8 AM to 10 AM UTC.

A point system exists for winning USDT. Additionally, the Top 50 players will receive points that unlock exclusive Puff rewards. There is also an option to guess the result of each game, and if you’re correct, you win points! The Top 10 players will receive a prize from a weekly pool of $2,000 USDT. Furthermore, 2% of the token’s supply will be given to players who participate in the beta. Hence, PuffGo is known as a skill-to-earn game.

Three podiums for winners of the soccer prize are present, with Puff Football in bright letters in the center of the image.
Players can win from a $2,000 USDT pool. Image Credit: Puffverse.

Where To Buy PuffGo NFTs?

If you’re looking for a chance to purchase an exclusive NFT, the Puff Football NFT will be a great opportunity. The public mint launches on BNB Chain. Then, on November 17th, the Binance Platform will begin the sale with Mystery Box NFTs at 0.1 BNB. Accordingly, it will run from 11 AM to 11 PM UTC. A limit of 30 purchases per person is in place, as there are only 3,840 NFTs for all the players in Puffverse.

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