Graffiti Artist Alec Monopoly’s MetaMuseum Opening In The Sandbox

Alec Monopoly, launches his newest project, the official MetaMuseum in The Sandbox Metaverse. This comes after  the Graffiti artist and DJ, debuted his ‘Rags to Richie’ NFT collection in July 2022. Now, he’s taking on the metaverse with the metaverse giants, who recently launched their Alpha Version.

Alec Monopoly Metaverse
A preview taken from Alec Monopoly’s ‘Rags to Richie’, potentially displaying the MetaMuseum.

About The MetaMuseum

The MetaMuseum in The Sandbox will act as a hub for his fans to congregate. Within the area of LAND, users will be able to view new art, enjoy parties and live music from Monopoly.  Plus, they will also get access to limited edition NFTs.

Speaking about the platform, Monopoly said: “The Sandbox is the leading Web3 metaverse and I am thrilled to partner and collaborate with them. From accessories to avatars to my new foray into Electronic Music, The Sandbox offers so much potential for me to share my creative energy with the community.”

Centrainly, it’ll be interesting to see how Alec Monopoly’s IRL artwork and his NFT artwork through the ‘Rags to Richie’ collection will be incorporated into the LAND. A trailer of ‘Rags to Richie’ can be seen here, which also includes a mansion – possibly a sneak peek of the MetaMuseum itself.

Who is Alec Monopoly?

Alec Monopoly is a famous graffiti artist and DJ originally from New York City, moving to LA in 2006. Through his work, he is most famous for his use of the Monopoly board game character, ‘Mr Monopoly’.

However, ‘Alec Monopoly’ is, in fact, an alias. To explain, his real name remains a secret to this day. In an attempt to hide his facial identity, he often wears a face mask when posting on social media.

Beyond his art career, Monopoly also sees himself as a brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer. As well as this, he is a newly-started DJ. His work so far has grown his Instagram audience to 1.4 million fans strong. Plus, celebrities love purchasing his work too. The list extends to names such as Phillip Plein, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Seth Rogen and Iggy Azalea.

Clearly, this won’t be the last of Alec Monopoly in the metaverse, and we’re excited to see what’s next.


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