Jeremy Fall Launches Web3 Record Label With Diddy NFTs

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Jeremy Fall, former celebrity restaurateur and Web3 creator, has just announced the launch of Probably A Label, a Web3 record label in collaboration with Warner Records. This new type of record label aims to redefine IP ownership in the music industry using Web3 technology. Let’s take a look at Jeremy Fall’s latest venture.

graphic featuring jeremy fall's probably a label logo with Warner Records
Jeremy Fall launches his next project, supported by Warner & Diddy – a music label.

What is Probably A Label’??

Jeremy Fall’s Probably A Label launched 5,555 passes that present its vision of what the future of music looks like. The entire collection sold out in 7 minutes. This will be followed by its first music drop, courtesy of Diddy and Jason Martin.

Moving forward, artists will use this Web3 music label to release music. Not only this, but the community will use its ‘Studio A’ to incubate new IPs. Studio A is undoubtedly this Web3 record label’s key feature. This is because it will allow community members to actively participate in shaping the label’s future. Additionally, selected community members will be reviewing pitches for any ideas specific to that project’s IP.

Studio A will begin by accepting pitches using NFTs from approved partner projects. These include World of Women, BAYC, Cryptopunks and Doodles. Then, projects accepted into this incubator programme will have access to resources from Probably A Label, Probably Nothing, as well as Warner Records’ ecosystems.

Sebastian Simone, Vice President of Audience & Strategy at Warner Records said, “Jeremy (Fall) and the Probably Nothing team share our vision of evolving the connection between labels, their artists and fan communities.”

Simone then continued: “We’re excited to be partnering with Probably A Label on developing what the future of music ownership looks like, collaborating with our communities on bringing IP to life and working with artists to enter the Web3 space in a meaningful, authentic way.”

About Jeremy Fall’s Probably Nothing

Jeremy Fall’s Probably Nothing is a community for the Web3 curious. Its goal is to educate the world about NFTs and Web3 by onboarding as many people into the space as possible. Probably Nothing’s latest venture, Probably A Label, sees itself as the bridge between music in Web2 and Web3. Therefore, it simultaneously evolves the connection between the traditional record label model and music fans.



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