Logan Paul Calls CoffeeZilla a “Lopsided Journalist” Over CryptoZoo Accusations

Recently, we reported how YouTube journalist Stephen ‘Coffeezilla’ Findeisen alleged Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo NFT is a scam. Days later, famous YouTuber and boxer Logan Paul has responded to the allegations. In a seven-minute video released on his YouTube channel, Paul called Coffeezilla’s allegations “deeply unethical, dangerously misleading, and illegal.” He also called Stephen a “lopsided journalist with an agenda.”

Let’s take a closer look at Logan Paul’s response to CoffeeZilla.

Logan Paul and CoffeeZilla
Logan Paul responded to CoffeeZilla’s allegations. Credit: Logan Paul

Logan Paul hits back at CoffeeZilla

Following CoffeeZilla’s accusations, Logan Paul first responded with a tweet. “While I generally appreciate Stephen’s creative genius & exceptional work ethic (I mean that), this one is simply not true,” he tweeted on December 24. “When appropriate, all bad actors will be exposed, explained, & held fully accountable.”

He added that he will explain further in his podcast, IMPAULSIVE on January 3. Earlier today, he released a video, titled, “My Response To Coffeezilla’s Scam Allegations”, to hit back at the journalist. Essentially, Logan denied all the allegations against him, stating that he “unknowingly” hired con men and criminals for developing CryptoZoo. However, as soon as he found out about their background, he let them go, he claimed. 

Previously, Coffeezilla interviewed developer ‘Z’, who worked on CryptoZoo, who claimed that Logan worked with 50 engineers for the play-to-earn game. However, Logan alleged that ‘Z’ is, in fact, Zack Kelling, who has a history of fraudulent activities. He further claimed that Coffeezilla deliberately hid Zack’s identity to spread falsehood, adding that his team included only three engineers.

Logan further alleged that CoffeeZilla did not “verify any backgrounds, substantiate any evidence, took multiple criminals’ words as truth, and broke laws” before publishing “the defamation.” Furthermore, he claimed that the journalist only reached out to Logan for comments on December 24, after his video was published. 

Logan paul's tweet
Logan first tweeted in response to the allegations.

CoffeeZilla used my name for views and money: Logan Paul

“You have used my name for views and money,” Logan Paul continued in his video. He added that Coffeezilla has an “addiction to clicks” that “clouds his judgment”. The YouTuber also said CoffeeZilla “twists facts”, adding that he has “turned from investigator to a gossip channel.”

In his video, Coffeezilla also claimed that the NFTs in CryptoZoo are mere images, which cannot be hatched. Logan, however, refuted these claims as well. 

“One second of research would prove that to be false,” Logan stated. “As you can definitely hatch eggs and even breed your animals.”  

Furthermore, he alleged that CoffeeZilla illegally recorded a phone call with Jeff, Logan Paul’s manager, without his permission. He added that Stephen went on to post it online “like an internet criminal”.

He claimed that he and Jeff sold “nothing” and made “nothing”, blaming everything on the “bad actors” his team hired for the project. “As has been the case with dozens of crypto and NFT projects, the space is unfortunately ripe for bad actors to infiltrate projects that start with even the best intentions.” 

Nonetheless, he added that the CryptoZoo project is still under development. According to images shared in his video, the game is aiming to launch in 2023/2024.

A lawsuit in the works?

Finally, it looks like Logan Paul will be filing a lawsuit against CoffeeZilla. 

“You still published a defamatory hit piece, fully knowing that I was innocent, just so you could enrich yourself in your 10 million dollar studio,” Logan continued. “Sharp! But deeply unethical. Dangerously misleading and illegal. I suggest you use the money you got from pumping your Patreon to hire a good lawyer. You’re going to need it.” 

CoffeeZilla's tweet
CoffeeZilla shared screenshots of his messages to Logan Paul.

The spat continues on Twitter

Well, CoffeeZilla was quick to respond to Logan Paul’s video. Stephen stated that Logan did not take any accountability for his actions. Neither did he apologise, nor did he address the victims, the journalist added. 

He also shared screenshots of his Instagram messages to Logan in October 2021, seeking his response to the allegations against CryptoZoo. “It was only AFTER not getting a response from him, that I began calling his manager Jeff for answers about the CryptoZoo developers, and got comically stupid responses.”

In response to Logan’s possible lawsuit, CoffeeZilla further commented, “This is hardly important with all the insane lies on Logan Paul’s new video… but did he really say he was going to SUE ME, and also say he’d love to host me on Impaulsive?”

Logan Paul's fans' comments
Logan Paul’s fans have called him out for his lack of accountability.

How have Logan Paul’s fans responded?

Logan Paul’s fans wasted no time in calling him out for not taking any accountability for the CryptoZoo mishap. Many of the comments pointed out how he failed to apologise to the victims and took no accountability for hiring criminals.

“A masterclass in how to not take accountability for anything,” reads one comment. Another says, “My favourite part was when he apologized to all the real victims.”

“You know what will be really a fun game? for all the people that lost money to make a lawsuit against you, you were the manager you should pay for it,” added yet another.

It remains to be seen how the back-and-forth allegations between Logan Paul and CoffeeZilla will pan out in the coming days.

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