A special collector series of James Bond posters to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the franchise are set to drop on Veve.

This is the second series to commemorate the occasion after the highly anticipated James Bond 007 Series 1 collection made its debut exclusively on VeVe in October 2022.

The new launch has got Bond fans all in a clamor to get the all-important limited-edition collector NFTs, and of course, it brings many newbs into the Web3.

Special Collector Series 2 of James Bond Posters 

The year 2022 was a major milestone in the film industry: 60 years since the premiere of the classic James Bond franchise. To commemorate this momentous occasion, MGM and EON released an assortment of iconic posters for all to enjoy, and they’re available on Veve.

The first series of NFTs in October garnered so much enthusiasm among Bond fans that the production company decided to launch a second series.

The second series holds an exciting feature for any Bond or memorabilia collector. After Series 2 drops, holders who collect all six posters will be rewarded with an extra surprise.

VeVe has created a system where it takes snapshots of everyone who owns the full set so that they can receive a seventh poster via airdrop. So, any Bond fan really should get collecting.

The Collection is as follows:

  1. Live and Let Die – a poster of Roger Moore with a medley of all the important parts of the movie.
  2. The Man with The Golden Gun – again a classic poster of the famous movie, with the famous golden gun getting loaded.
  3. The Spy Who Loved Me – is a Warhol-style poster featuring a closeup of Roger Moore with different colors overlapping each other.
  4. Moonraker – celebrates the time when Bond is sent into space. The poster almost has a 3D look and is sure to be a favorite among Bond fans.
  5. For Your Eyes Only – Has a composition of all the important characters and places of the movie.
  6. Octopussy – This poster depicts Moore surrounded by some Bond girls (lucky bugger), and is a classic Bond poster.

As with all the posters the whole collection is going for $40 each and is classed as Ultra Rare with 907 of each one available.

  • The seventh and free airdropped poster celebrates The Spy Who Loved Me. It was the first Bond movie to be shown in communist Eastern Europe and the poster NFT is in Hungarian to mark the occasion. Its rarity is a secret, but something every Bond fan should want.

Bond and The Web3

James Bond is the longest-running and most successful movie franchise. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig every boy wants to be Bond, and the fanbase continues to grow.

Everything evolves and the 60-year-old franchise is now moving into Web3. And with it they will bring plenty of new people who have never bothered with NFTs before.

Their limited edition NFTs will be a success, so make sure to get yours or you’ll be left feeling shaken, not stirred.

Source NFT Newstoday

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