Muhammad Ali AI Boxing Metaverse Game Unveils First Avatars

To celebrate the 47th anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s historic ‘Thrilla in Manila’ fight on October 1st, the first set of playable avatar boxers in ‘Muhammad Ali – The Next Legends’ Artificial Intelligence metaverse boxing game will be released. Altered State Machine (ASM), Non-Fungible Labs (NFL), and Muhammad Ali Enterprises (MAE) are the parties behind this project.

Pro avatar Muhammad Ali
A preview of the pro avatar in ‘Muhammad Ali – The Next Legend’, available in Pro Packs.

The First Muhammad Ali Game Avatars

In the new game, ‘Muhammad Ali – The Next Legends’, players will need boxing avatars, as well as AI ‘brains’, which are NFTs, to train and compete.

The debut release of boxing avatars will feature in an upcoming drop of the limited-edition ‘Pro Pack’ bundle. Those who purchase one of these ‘Pro Packs’ on October 1st will automatically advance beyond the beginner round. Once officially launching next year, this will happen.

To clarify, the first avatars are Rookie (available via an unlimited mint which is after the drop), and Pro (claimable through the ‘Pro Pack’ mint). Then, Champ and Legend (both of which are available through levelling up only).

Thanks to ASM and NFL, users will be able to have input on what their boxer’s appearance is, through their introduction of a new minting experience. The new technology will respond and change as users interact with questions about themselves. Users will also gain another level of input over their character influencing their personality and faction a kind of consciousness.

The Game: ‘Muhamad Ali – The Next Legends’

The world’s first-ever metaverse AI boxing game ‘Muhammad Ali — The Next Legends’ was created from Altered State Machine’s long-term partnership with Authentic Brands Group (ABG) and MAE.

Upon the game’s launch next year, players will be able to train their unique boxers in game-necessary skills. They will do so to compete in a fully AI-driven, metaverse combat experience.

As players progress through the game, the levels of complexity will increase, as their boxers also increase in skill. Following in the footsteps of the ‘GOAT’, the goal of the game will be to train and develop the boxer. This is in order to win matches against other boxers and eventually become “The Next Legend.”


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