NASCAR Now Has Its Own Line Of Digital Collectible Trading Cards

NASCAR is all set to drop its first officially licensed digital collectible trading cards. The collectibles featuring 31 NASCAR drivers will launch on the Candy marketplace on December 13. Each driver comes in 3 rarities and has an edition size of 404 ICONs. For the uninitiated, ICONs are Candy’s digital collectibles featuring athletes. Let’s take a closer look at what NASCAR’s digital collectibles are all about!

NASCAR digital collectible
The NASCAR official digital collectibles will drop next week.

What are the NASCAR digital collectibles?

Called the 2022 NASCAR ICON Driver Series, NASCAR digital collectible trading cards come as blind packs. To explain, as is typical of most trading cards, you won’t know what you are buying. The cards will feature 31 NASCAR drivers with their 2022 season stats at the back. While they come in three rarities, a select few are ultra-rare with Historic ICON Insert. These will feature one of the four iconic drivers: Bobby Allison, Cale Yarborough, Fireball Roberts, or Richard Petty. What’s more, only 40 of these are available!

Essentially, three different packages of NASCAR digital collectible will be available: Start your Engines, Pole Position, and Winner Circle. The first will cost $25 and contain 3 ICONS. A total of 1,843 of these packs will be available for sale. The second, meanwhile, consists of 7 ICONs and costs $50. Only 942 of these will be sold. Finally, with only 20 mints, Winner Circle is the most coveted. These will have 22 ICONS, including 1 guaranteed Historical ICON, 7 Epics, and 11 Rare ICONs. Naturally, these cost a higher price of $500.

When will the trading cards drop?

The digital collectibles go live on December 13 on the Candy marketplace. All Rare Kyle Larson or Richard Petty Asphalt Bust holders will get early access at 12 pm ET. Later, the public sale will begin at 1 pm ET. 

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