NFT Artist Apologises For Releasing Fake XCOPY Collaboration

Another day, another drama for the NFT Twitter community as artist TEJI apologized for launching a fake XCOPY collaboration. In short, the digital creator launched an NFT advertised as a “collaborative piece between XCOPY & TEJI.” However, the partnership actually never happened.

Less than 24 hours ago, TEJI apologized for the mistake via Twitter, claiming he would issue a refund to all NFT minters. However, this was barely enough for collectors claiming that TEJI has been scamming users with other fake collabs too. What is the truth?

a NFT avatar by artist TEJI
NFT artist TEJI apologized to his community for falsely claiming that his NFT “YES, THIS IS A COPY” was a collaboration with the artist XCOPY.

TEJI x XCOPY: Did the Artists Truly Collaborate?

It’s definitely a rough week start for young digital artist TEJI who had just posted an apology letter to clarify his XCOPY collaboration. His most recent NFT drop titled “YES, THIS IS A COPY” was presented on OpenSea as a “collaborative piece” between him and the iconic artist XCOPY. Here’s the initial description:

screenshot of an OpenSea NFT description from TEJI's fake collaboration with XCOPY
Initially, TEJI described his NFT drop as a collaboration with the iconic digital artist XCOPY. Credit: OpenSea

In the letter published via Twitter today, TEJI explained that his drop “YES, THIS IS A COPY” is not an actual partnership with the XCOPY. In fact, the digital asset seems to reflect the iconic artist’s style – and that’s all.

“I made a mistake by not using clear language on the “THIS IS A COPY” mint. It was never my intention to mislead collectors,” he wrote in the letter.

In addition, TEJI promised that each minter will receive a refund for their NFT purchase. Meanwhile, the current NFT holders would be able to mint a free collectible from the artist’s upcoming drop.

How Did the NFT Community React to the Fake XCOPY Collab?

Truth be told, TEJI’s apology letter about the fake XCOPY partnership received mixed reactions. While some users praised him for his honesty, (many) others just couldn’t believe it was a mistake.

“This was so poor, and your apology sounds reactionary. Like a kid caught stealing candy from the corner store. They’re not actually remorseful, just disappointed they got called out on their bull*t,” replied NFT investor @anonshiller.

Surprisingly, some NFT users claim this isn’t TEJI’s first attempt at allegedly trying to scam collectors. For example, the collector announced a partnership with NIKE back in May 2022 which might also be a scam, fans believe.

screenshot of an apology letter posted by NFT artist TEJI via Twitter for the fake xcopy
TEJI’s apology letter includes an encouraging message saying that he will continue his work in the NFT industry. Credit: Twitter

What About TEJI’s Announced Partnership With NIKE?

On May 2nd, 2022, TEJI announced an “official collaboration with CryptoPhunksV2 and NIKE.” Accordingly, those who minted an NFT from the collection (worth 0.04ETH) would receive limited-edition merch featuring the three brands’ logos.

At the time, TEJI even posted a video from an actual NIKE store showcasing a hoodie from the collection. In the Twitter description of his video, the artist thanked RTFKT and Ryder Ripps “for making this possible.”

However, months passed and the minters apparently never received their long-awaited merch. Users have been asking for updates on the drop for months via Discord too without any reply from TEJI.

The NFT Evening team reached out to TEJI for comments on his fake XCOPY collaboration and will get back with updates soon. Meanwhile, make sure to stay safe and triple-check every smart contract, every NFT collaboration, and your hot wallets before making a transaction – check out our guide to NFT security with Ledger.

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