NFT OG CryptoNovo Is Scammed For His BAYC, Art Blocks and More

againnagaiNF.o.d t adeexpThis week took a wrong turn for NFT OG CryptoNovo, who was scammed less than 10 hours ago. The collector lost several CryptoPunks, BAYC, RTFKT, Meebits, and more, worth over seven figures in total. The worst part? He might be the real culprit for signing a malicious transaction, the NFT community points out.

image of two CryptoPunks NFTs and a RTFKT CloneX collectibles stolen
NFT OG CryptoNovo got scammed for his most prized collectibles, including Meebits, CryptoPunks, MAYC, and more.

Did the NFT OG CryptoNovo truly get scammed?

Another day, another hack in the NFT space! This time, the victim is none other than CryptoNovo – the NFT whale behind Decentraland’s NovoVerse. Earlier today, the collector tweeted the tragic news which quickly became viral.

According to Etherscan data, the anonymous hackers had stolen his most prized possessions. The list includes Mutant Apes, RTFKT CloneX, and Meebits tokens. All in all, CryptoNovo lost seven figures worth of NFTs – but could it be his fault?

According to crypto developer @proper, CryptoNovo had signed a malicious transaction by mistake. This might’ve allowed hackers to access and drain his hot wallet. Here’s one example showing that the owner offered “unlimited allowance” to a suspicious address:

screenshot of a scammed NFT collector's data via Etherscan
Several NFT community members pointed out to a strange address which had access to CryptoNovo’s collectibles. Credit: Etherscan

Of course, @proper advised CryptoNovo to revoke access and permissions to his NFT wallet in order to prevent getting scammed again. At the time of writing, CryptoNovo hadn’t replied to this post yet.

Nevertheless, this evidence raised bigger issues for the NFT community: can we ever trade NFTs safely?

Can you prevent getting hacked in the NFT space?

Truth be told, it depends on the situation. For instance, many newbies of the NFT space are signing malicious smart contracts by accident simply because they can’t (or won’t) read them carefully. Other times, hackers may get past the toughest security measures and experienced NFT traders get scammed too.

Either way, one thing anyone can do is to use multiple wallets to store and trade your NFTs. Accordingly, NFT pros advise keeping your most valuable collectibles in a cold wallet and use hot wallets just for transactions.

Don’t know how to store your NFTs? Our guide can help you choose the best crypto wallet to start buying NFTs safely!

Source NFT Evening

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