Dark Country Introduces Daily NFT Rewards For Top Players

Dark Country Rewards are coming to top players as exclusive NFTs. The team behind the play-to-earn game has introduced a Daily NFT reward for the Top 5 players. The rewards will vary in terms of rarity, and the number one spot will see big rewards. Furthermore, Dark Country continues to add to the ecosystem, creating interactions that will keep players invested.

Three mutant monsters are emerging from a portal in support of Dark Country Rewards being released to the Top 5 Players.
As has been noted, Dark Country is rewarding the Top Players on a daily basis. Credit: Dark Country.

What Are The Dark Country Rewards?

The top 5 players each day can unlock Hero Cards. In fact, the very top spot will receive a Rare Card on weekdays and an Epic Card on weekends. Not to mention, it seems the second through fifth spots will all receive Common Hero Cards. These cards are super important to Dark Country gameplay and can earn players many additional rewards.

Four different trading cards are on a desk.
As such, the Top 5 Players will receive NFTs that improve gameplay. Credit: Dark Country.

What Is The Dark Country Game?

Dark Country is a Collectible Card Game with Play-To-Earn features such as tournaments. Even more, the land interaction allows players to gain influence by sponsoring quests. This influence gives players a regular payout. However, influence decreases on a daily basis. In any case, the announcement will facilitate Hero Cards to players to be used in things like land staking, which will all be made possible by the WAX network.

An animated room in the American Gothic style is shown.
What’s more, the NFTs will allow players to stake and earn payouts. Credit: Dark Country.

How Will This Impact Gameplay?

The introduction of daily rewards for the Top 5 Players on the platform will be a great benefit for the Dark Country community. Players will have the opportunity to earn Hero Cards, with some of them being Rare or Epic. These cards can be used throughout the game and with NFT staking, earning players everything from influence to payouts.

Dare I say, this is a game changer.

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