Pudgy Penguins’ Luca Vows Transparency, Shares Behind The Scenes Video

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The Pudgy Penguins Vlog series “Building in Public” has been released. The new CEO of Pudgy Penguins, Luca Netz, announced the series in a tweet where he vowed to lead the company with transparency. It appears the Vlog will be a regular feature of the Pudgy brand moving forward.

A group of cartoon penguins sit around a table in support of the Pudgy Penguins Vlog, Building in Public.
New Pudgy Penguins CEO Luca Netz vows transparency. Credit: Pudgy Penguins.

What Is The Pudgy Penguin Vlog?

Following the previous mismanagement of Pudgy Penguins, Netz purchased the company for $2.5 million. In revamping the company, he wants to be transparent and “build one of the world’s biggest brands.” The Vlog will help Netz build more trust with the community while showcasing what Pudgy is working on. Some fans have already been quick to note Easter eggs in the first video.

A group of cartoon penguins hold signs while floating on an iceberg.
The team behind Pudgy Penguins gives fans a view into their process. Credit: NFTEvening.com.

Who Is Behind The New Pudgy Team?

The Vlog provides some background on the new Pudgy Penguins management. Led by Luca Netz and run with his childhood friend, Peter Lobanov, the pair have a history together. They started from humble beginnings to make their fortunes in e-commerce. Now they want to continue the success with Web3. From the first episode, it’s apparent that events and experiences will continue to shape the PFP Project turned full-blown brand.

Three cartoon penguins with different backgrounds are brought together in a single image.
The Pudgy Penguins leadership wants Pudgies to be a household name. Credit: Mashable.

What’s In Store For Pudgy Penguins?

The future of Pudgy Penguins appears to be in good hands, as Netz and Lobanov seem to have the experience and vision to create a household name for Pudgies. The duo are intent on “Building in Public” as they accomplish their goals. Many in the Web3 community will be watching closely as they do.

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