There’s a DAO Trying To Buy The US Constitution…Again!

ConstitutionDAO, a DAO whose main goal is to buy the US Constitution, is attempting yet again to buy the civic artifact. Sotheby’s announced in early November 2022 that they will auction the only remaining original privately owned printing of the Constitution. Despite the postponement of the upcoming auction, the ConstitutionDAO will strike again, this time doing things differently. Here’s how they plan on securing this time around: 

The Constitution DAO is attempting to buy the US Constitution…AGAIN! Will they succeed this time around?

ConstitutionDAO’s Second Attempt

After ConstitutionDAOs memorable first attempt, the DAO is back, this time with all guns blazing. Via a Twitter thread, the DAO stated that the communities they inspired have been hard at work for a whole year. To clarify, they’ve been developing privacy technology and experimenting with DAOs. Further, last year’s bidders knew the amount of funds ConstitutionDAO was going to bid due to Ethereum’s transparency. In this second attempt, contributors have two options: make a private contribution or a public contribution. Hence, masking the total amount of funds from other bidders.

Moreover, since Sotheby’s announcement, DAOs and organizations in the crypto space have come together to reignite the movement. They’ve also partnered with fundraising platforms like juiceboxETH and nucleo to make public and private contributions possible. As of now, they’ve raised 233.2 ETH, but the constitution fundraiser has temporarily ended due to Sotheby’s announcement stating the auction will be postponed.

“ConstitutionDAO2 wants to buy the printing from Sotheby’s so that it can start a collection of civic artifacts that are totally run by the people. We are going to teach the world about democratic innovations found in history and on Web3,” stated the ConstitutionDAO on Twitter.

Constitution DAO
The Constitution DAO has upped their game by allowing contributors to make either public or private contributions.

Its first attempt

ConstitutionDAO created a movement in November 2021 to buy the official edition of the United States Constitution at Sotheby’s. The movement gathered 17,000+ people from around the world and generated over $40M for the auction. After the DAO made their bid, billionaire and Citadel LLC CEO Ken Griffin outbid them at the last minute. The auction came to an end when Griffin successfully outbid the DAO and paid $43.2M for the US Constitution.

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