Tobias Rehberger Drops “Fairytale and Conspiracies” themed NFT Art

German sculptor and artist Professor Tobias Rehberger has created ‘hybrid NFT art’. This exciting new collection is titled Fairytales and Conspiracies. Using material from the stock photo agency ‘Action Press’ Rehberger has created five digitally animated collages – which are 3,750 digital frames.

Tobias Rehberger Fairytales & Conspiracies
Tobias Rehberger is the artist behind Fairytales and Conspiracies.

Fairytales and Conspiracies

With ‘Fairytales and Conspiracies’ artist Tobias Rehberger is devoting himself to the subject of authorship of art, originality, and value. In order to create his artwork for this project, Rehberger has selected images from the stockpiles of Action Press, a photo agency with one of the biggest databases in the world. Rehberger has distorted and built the images into five animated digital collages named ‘Liquid Posters’. There are five Liquid Posters NFTs, composed of a total of 3,750 unique digital frames.

Rehberger worked with many partners in the creation of ‘Fairytales and Conspiracies’ NFT art collection. Namely, the clips feature quotes from Max Frisch’s book ‘Fragebogen’ (Questionnaire). Also, DJ, Markus Nikolai created the accompanying music. Finally, FINPRO handled the technical implementation of the smart contracts and UI.

A vernissage (private viewing) will be host to the first showing of the five Liquid Posters, starting at 6 PM at the TechQuartier in Frankfurt, Germany. It will not be until 7 PM that the clips can be seen on the website, and the NFTs purchased. Rehberger has not yet listed an exact price. However, we can expect an ETH equivalent of an upper-range triple-digit Euro amount.

All news, information, and previews will be seen on the project’s Twitter, @fairytalesandc.

Benefits for Buyers

Furthermore, the creation process of ‘Fairytales and Conspiracies’ involves the viewers and potential buyers. A process generates and transfers the NFT to an ETH wallet only after someone purchases a frame. In addition to the digital frame, which is unique, the buyer also receives an A1 print on paper of a selected frame signed by the artist – thus also unique – as well as a video file of the Liquid Poster from which the frame originates. Shipping is worldwide.


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