Clear Teams Up with Footballco & Mindshare for Football “Firsts” NFT

As the greatest competition on the footballing stage draws to another nail-biting conclusion, fans must now find a way to capture the awesome spectacle forever. What better then, than a commemorative NFT that celebrates 22 ‘football firsts’ coming from scalp care brand, Clear, which has partnered with sports media outlet, Footballco, and global media agency Mindshare. Therefore, drawing on the power of the Blockchain to immortalize amazing sporting moments for fans to relive any time they want.

This partnership will see 22 iconic football ‘firsts’ turned into an NFT in real time that fans can engage with on Each item forming an interactive football shirt mosaic with each patch providing a drilldown into the details of the fantastic football first. All backed up with a raft of stats provided by global football company, GOAL.

Clear Teams Up with Footballco & Mindshare for Football First NFTs

Football NFTs to Be Released

While the campaign focuses primarily on sports, collectors will also discover a message of empowerment for customers. The campaign is part of Clear’s ambition to build a generation of youths that can perform at their best with a head clear of dandruff and anxiety, undeterred.

“We recognise that anxiety and self-doubt can prevent youths from taking steps towards their goals. With all eyes on International football in the coming months, we saw an opportunity to celebrate Individuals who have displayed the ability to keep a clear head and achieve pioneering feats at one of the world’s most-watched sporting events. We hope that by spotlighting these incredible moments, youths will be inspired to overcome challenges and create their own ‘firsts’,” – Mohamed Elsharkawky – Global Brand Lead at Clear

With that in mind, this partnership will spotlight many iconic ‘firsts’ in football and immortalize them as an NFT. The project has already identified Morocco as the first African team to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup.

As more firsts are identified, the players, coaches, and referees behind them will receive the Clear x GOAL ‘Shirt of Firsts’ Award, and a physical jersey that they can redeem as an NFT. Furthermore, fans in Brazil, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, will have a chance to win one of the physical jerseys up until December 31, 2022. With further competition details announced soon on the official GOAL Facebook page.

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