The man himself, former president Donald Trump is getting into the NFT game. His NFT collection went on sale at $99 each, but how did it fair against his wife’s Melania Trump NFT collection?

The 45,000 ‘Collect Trump Cards’ NFT collection quickly sold out. The owners of the rare digital cards enter a sweepstake to win experiences with Trump, including a zoom call, a dinner in Miami, or a cocktail hour at Mar-a-Lago.

A pop-up on the website informs the buyer that a purchase of 45 Trump NFTs would automatically give the owner an invite to a gala dinner hosted by Trump.

A raging success for the Tangerine Tornado, but did he outdo his good wife’s Melania Trump NFT collection?

How Did POTUS Compare with Melania Trump NFT Collection?

The Collect Trump Cards announcement was a surprise but shocked nobody as the former POTUS emanates controversy. But did it cause problems for the former president at home? Remember former first lady Melania Trump has her own NFT collection.

Late last year and earlier this year, the Melania Trump NFT collection was all the range. Or were they?

Melania tapped into the power of blockchain and NFT to do good, supposedly. Her first NFT, a digital version of a painting of her eyes went on sale for 1 SOL. Melania’s Vision promptly sold for 1 SOL, valued at around $128 at the time, and a portion of the proceeds went to her charities.

The former first lady then released a collection of NFTs in January this year. The new Melania Trump NFT collection was labelled the ‘Head of State, 2022’ collection and was a full collection of rare NFTs.

The NFT collection was put up for auction, and one NFT sold for an impressive 1800 SOL, which was roughly $170,000 at the time. But all was not as it seemed, as Melania Trump forgot that blockchain transactions were on an open ledger.

With a little investigation, the Solana blockchain revealed that the same address responsible for minting the NFT emerged victorious in the auction. So, it appears that Melania Trump bought her own NFT. Uh oh!

Trump Trumps Trump in the NFT Stakes

Donald Trump’s foray into the NFT space shocked nobody. The former president has always been at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship and controversy. And the success of this latest entrepreneurial move has pocketed him a tidy little fortune but with it some controversy at home.

Selling out in a day is impressive but with Melania Trump buying her own NFT collection, the former first lady might feel a little embarrassed in the golden Trump Tower. More importantly, the former POTUS might even need a bit more orange coloring to hide his new bruises.

Source NFT Newtoday

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