Fashion Giant Diesel Announce Partnership With HAPE NFT

International lifestyle brand, Diesel has partnered with the HAPE NFT project to drop a unique NFT collection. Co-created by Diesel’s creative director Glenn Martens and Hape founder and creator, Digimental, the NFTs offer both physical and digital perks. The two brands are kickstarting the partnership with the Diesel Genesis Hape, a Diesel ambassador within the Hape community. 

Here’s all you need to know about the Diesel x HAPE NFT partnership:

HAPE NFT in front of Diesel logo
Holders will get both real-life and digital benefits.

What is the Diesel x HAPE NFT partnership all about?

With its partnership with HAPE NFT, Diesel is officially marking its foray into the Web3 space. For Diesel, this is both a technological, social, and cultural revolution. Whereas, for HAPE, this partnership strengthens its presence in the digital fashion space.

“Technology is an important factor for the new generations in defining their personality and their way of interacting,” said Stefano Rosso, CEO BVX OTB group. “We want to make fashion more open and innovative.”

Each NFT in the collection will offer holders both real-life and digital benefits. In fact, this includes a limited edition of the iconic 1DR POD crossbody bag. Besides, members will also get access to exclusive events and other community benefits.

“Together we are building the future of fashion through shared creative vision, capabilities and community activation,” Digimental said. “Partnering with Diesel reflects our strategic focus on collaboration and the potential for Web2 and Web3 brands to join forces to innovate together, creating new experiences and opportunities for consumers and brands alike.”

When will the collection drop?

As of now, neither party has shared the specifics of the upcoming drop. However, the duo noted that Digimental and Stefano Rosso will co-host a Twitter Spaces at 6 pm CET on January 25. They will share more details during the Spaces. In the meantime, you can register your interest in the collection here: Hape.diesel.

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