fluctuations but is still valued at +10 billion dollars!

This astronomical amount of money to be earned has attracted a lot of people and today we see hundreds of NFT collections released every day. Nevertheless, it remains complicated to stand out from the competition even with a very good project, a good team and good design. If you look closely, it is the projects that are supported by influencers that manage to stand out from the competition, make sales and earn a lot of Ether.

The goal of this article is to give you all the keys to be part of the TOP 2% of projects that can stand out from the crowd! Of course, this is not financial advice and does not guarantee your success. Several other points should be taken into account in an NFT project such as your loyalty strategy on the networks. But with the help of one or more influencers, you will already be able to multiply your results by 2, 5 or even 10 in a few months.

Summary :

  • Step 1 – Find the right type of influencer for your NFT project
  • Step 2 – Get in touch and negotiate your promotion
  • Step 3 – Understand your target audience and set numerical objectives
  • Step 4 – The secret canvassing technique that few people use
  • Step 5 – Do all the previous steps in 1 click

Step 1 – Find the right type of influencer for your NFT project

In the world of web3, there are many types of influencers and here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • Trading
  • P2E (Play To Earn) 
  • NFTs
  • Web3 global
  • Artist
  • Supporters (people who advertise a particular token for free like SHIBA, DOGE, etc.)
  • Anti-crypto (these are haters, but depending on your strategy it can be a real master stroke at a lower price)

You might think that the best thing is to contact ALL the influencers, but it’s not. If your project is very artistic, you’re only going to waste time and money contacting a trading-oriented influencer. So define the type of influencer you want in your portfolio. In general, for an NFT project, “Web3 global” and “NFTs” influencers are the most interesting.

Step 2 – Get in touch and negotiate your promotion

Now it’s time to contact each influencer of the chosen type without worrying about their number of followers! An influencer with 3’000 followers can sometimes bring you more than an influencer with 40’000 followers. Make a list of at least 50 potential influencers with their Twitter contact, their number of followers and their type. This process can take you between 2 and 5 hours depending on your Twitter recommendations, requirements, etc. Then, contact them on all possible channels! Twitter message, email, Instagram DM, YouTube comment…

💡 Pro tips: definitely don’t neglect the first 20 characters of your message because that’s what the influencer will see first. A good start can be “🔴 [Collaboration]…”, “I need your opinion…”, “I love your content…” and as weird as it sounds “Hi buddy, how are you doing…”.

On average, only 20-30% will respond to you. Most of them will be NFT influencers who have a community of less than 200’000 followers. The bell is ringing, it’s time to negotiate the contract! The advantage of influencers in this niche is that you can often pay in crypto. Nevertheless, we advise you to try to pay in current currency and if possible to ask for an invoice or a deed of purchase in order not to be cheated (you never know). Now, ask for the influencer’s rates. If he doesn’t have any, make him attractive but not too high proposals such as: “if it suits you, we can start on 1 tweet / week, 1 comment under my Twitter posts & likes on all my next tweets for the next month. I once worked with an influencer who had less followers than you and he charged me $450 for it. I’m offering you $700 for it.” By showing him that you have experience, that you know the market prices and that you take things in hand, he will gain confidence and will probably accept your offer well below the price he could have offered you on his own.

Step 3 – Understand your target audience and set numerical objectives

Now that the canvassing and negotiations are done… stop everything! It’s time to take 20 minutes to set numerical goals. Some people would have done this step first, but it’s far from the most complicated so you might as well do it later! Now that you know which influencers are willing to work with you, put a number on your goals. How many followers do you want on your Twitter? How many Discord members? What are your goals for interactions per tweet? etc. If you only need 5,000 followers on your Twitter account, you don’t need to pay an influencer with 100,000 followers several thousand dollars. Your objectives will allow you to sort out the influencers that you have canvassed and that are willing to work with you. In the end, having a list of 2-3 influencers is already excellent!

Step 4 – The secret canvassing technique that few people use

Most people search for their influencer on Twitter. But have you ever thought about doing that on LinkedIn? No ? Well now is the time. Open your LinkedIn account, type web3 or NFT in the search bar and contact everyone who works in that field! However, be professional in the way you address them! They are professionals and therefore older people than on Twitter (in 80% of cases). You will then find people from a completely different network ready to support your project where few of your competitors will go.

Step 5 – Do all the previous steps in 1 click Well, such a long article to finally tell you that you can find an influencer in 10 minutes instead of 3 days? That’s right. The goal of this article was to give you all the keys to find an influencer by yourself. But market players like NFT Media Boost and many others have done all this before. Clearly, if you get in touch with people who have partnerships with NFT influencers, you will save time and money. Let’s take the example of NFT Media Boost. This platform offers follow, like, share and comment by an NFT influencer with +50’000 followers. All this, for only fifty dollars instead of several hundred dollars in normal times. This is because they have a partnership with this influencer and can therefore afford to lower the prices significantly. By going to their website, you can get all this in only 1 click… so 10 minutes watch in hand! If you come thanks to this article, and to thank you for reading to the end, we offer you a 15% discount code on the site in question. 15% discount code :



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