Infinite Drive Boasts The First Raceable Aston Martin NFT Cars

Motorsport gaming developers ‘The Tiny Digital Factory’ collaborates with iconic luxury car brand Aston Martin to release NFTs on Infinite Drive, the next-gen racing metaverse. The unique, limited edition, range of ‘digital diecast’ Aston Martin NFTs release on the Polygon blockchain. Moreover, these NFTs will be available for holders to drive and race within the metaverse! Learn more about the project below.

A picture of the Aston Martin logo, alongside the Infinite Drive logo, and the three cars that can be driven in the game

How To Buy Aston Martin NFTs on Infinite Drive?

The Aston Martin NFTs go live on the Magic Eden NFT marketplace on 18th December for whitelisted folk, and 19th December for public sale. The first wave of the Aston Martin series is a 3,000 piece NFT car collection. The car NFTs are three iconic models. These are – the new Vantage V8 Coupe and the Vantage GT3 Racing Model. Also, the 1980’s James Bond “The Living Daylights” special 1980 Vantage V8.

Furthermore, each NFT is perfectly reflective of the real Aston Martin cars. This means that the cars represent the exact look, feel, and sound of each car in real life. This is also Aston Martin’s first ever venture into the metaverse. The stellar, historic motor brand allows collectors to dive right into the Infinite Drive metaverse. NFT owners can race and drive their cars in the early alpha build of the game. More information can be found on the official Tiny Digital Factory website.

Stéphane Baudet, Founder and CEO at The Tiny Digital Factory and former creative director of the legendary Test Drive Unlimited franchise, commented: “Our vision for Infinite Drive has always been two-fold: enabling players to own and trade their dream car collections as so many of us have done using diecast models in real life; and to experience the sensation of taking them onto the track. It’s truly remarkable that this vision has resonated so strongly with one of the world’s leading carmakers in Aston Martin – so much so that they have chosen to launch their first ever NFT cars with us. We’re still early in our journey, but we’re confident that Infinite Drive will become a poster child for the meaningful use of web3 technology in gaming and collectible digital assets.”

Source NFT Evening

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