Kia America and NBA Launch “Legends Of The Driveway” NFTs

Kia continues its expansion into web3, this time launching NBA collaboration “Legends Of The Driveway” NFTs! The project celebrates 16 years of the brand’s close partnership with the National Basketball Association, and more importantly, acts as a fundraiser for the national non-profit organization MobilizeGreen. The collaboration comes in light of Giving Tuesday and sticks to the core principles of web3. Let’s take a look at “Legends Of The Driveway” NFTs and how you can mint KIA NBA NFTs.

Legends of the Driveway KIA NBA NFT
The NFTs feature neon-light-glazed custom basketball driveways with awesome NBA art on the walls

How To Mint KIA NBA NFTs?

The “Legends Of The Driveway” NFTs are available on for a budget-friendly $49.99 per collectible. The mint began on November 29th with 2023 available pieces. The collection features a combination of more than a half dozen traits in each of the 2,023 collectibles.

The NFTs feature neon-light-glazed custom basketball driveways with awesome NBA art on the walls. It is a 3D render depicting a house, a basketball hoop and rack, and of course, the driveway. The latest Kia NFT collection is minted on the carbon-neutral Polygon blockchain and sold on the Sweet marketplace. Moreover, Legends of the Driveway collectibles are held in the buyer’s Sweet wallets. Furthermore, these digital collectibles can be traded on the secondary market at any time. On secondary market sales, an additional 90% of the purchase price will benefit the MobilizeGreen nonprofit.

MobilizeGreen is a USA nonprofit that has engaged more than 2,500 young people of color in paid “green” and STEM-focused career internships since 2014. Speaking on the collaboration, Leah Allen, President and CEO of MobilizeGreen, said: “Young people of color must be at the table, leading the effort to solve environmental challenges in their communities if we are going to create a more just and equitable planet. That starts with early career opportunities, like the ones available through The Virtual Intern. We are grateful to Kia for supporting our students as they begin their paths to leadership,”.

In addition to this, each Legends Of The Driveway NFT is also a sweepstakes entry for lucky winners to the 2023 NBA All Star Game! Finally, collectors can also mint the NFTs without cryptocurrency, using their credit card.

More About KIA’s Web3 Projects

In February 2022, KIA launched its Robo Dog Collection on the Sweet marketplace. This collection saw KIA giving away proceeds to the Petfinder Foundation to help find forever homes for shelter animals. In addition to this, Kia America launched an ad campaign for the 2023 Kia Soul featuring a QR code based NFT. This move was also by Sweet’s NFT technology. The ad campaign allowed viewers to scan and claim a unique Kia Soul NFT.


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