Macy’s Will Host Its 96th Thanksgiving Parade in the Metaverse

This year, Macy’s is launching their famous Thanksgiving Parade in the metaverse. The virtual experience is set to take place with the OnCyber metaverse and will feature artwork from five notable NFT Projects. Additionally, users will have the opportunity to earn free Macy’s NFTs. Players can access the Thanksgiving Parade metaverse experience on November 24th at 9 AM EST. It will be available on Macy’s website.

There is a float of a blue reindeer in front of a virtual representation of the Macy's store in downtown New York. This is for the Macy's Thanksgiving metaverse release.
Macy’s is bringing the 96th Thanksgiving Day celebration to the metaverse. Credit: BusinessWire/Macy’s.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in the Metaverse?

This is not the first time that Macy’s has gone to the metaverse for Thanksgiving, as the retailer seems to be deepening its relationships with the Web3 industry. This follows a successful release of NFTs for last year’s parade.

For this year, the experience will include virtual galleries for NFT projects including VeeFriends, SupDucks, Boss Beauties, Cool Cats, and the influencer gmoney. Additionally, users have the ability to vote for their favorite art which will become an NFT Parade Balloon for next year’s celebration. In fact, the first 100,000 people that vote via the website will receive free Macy’s NFTs.

The Macy's store in downtown New York City is pictured with people walking in front. It appears to be autumn, in support of Macy's Thanksigiving Day Parade metaverse event.
Macy’s will be donating proceeds from NFT galleries to Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation. Credit: Macy’s.

How is Macy’s in the Metaverse Giving Back?

Furthermore, the event won’t end with the virtual experience on Thanksgiving Day. OnCyber will continue to host the NFT gallery for players to visit. To this end, Macy’s has teamed up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to provide 100% of the proceeds from the virtual gallery tickets to the organization. Tickets will go on sale for $50 beginning December 5th.

Macy’s continues to embrace Web3 as a way to engage fans in meaningful experiences. It seems they want “The World’s Largest Store” to have a prominent place in the metaverse.


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