Michael Phelps x Sports Illustrated Drop NFTs For Mental Health

Swimming legend Michael Phelps is immortalized as an NFT on the latest edition of Sports Illustrated SI Covers. The next cover collection drop launched on December 6th and honors Phelps as the most-decorated athlete in Olympic history. Moreover, the NFT collection is hosted by top NFT marketplace OneOf. It also shines light on his work as an outspoken advocate for mental health globally. Read on to learn more about the collection below!

A picture of Olympic Icon Michael Phelps clutching his Gold Medal at a previous Olympics game.

How To Collect The Michael Phelps Sports Illustrated Cover NFTs?

The Michael Phelps NFT project echoes Phelps’ historic Sports Illustrated cover story “The Rehabilitation of Michael Phelps,” published on November 16, 2015. The story marked a turnaround moment for Michael Phelps. It saw the sports icon open up about his struggles with mental health for the very first time. The Olympian has since then courageously shared his ongoing challenges with anxiety and depression with the world. All the while advocating for an increase in mental health resources and solutions. This includes his efforts at the Michael Phelps Foundation. This foundation provides thousands of children access to a social-emotional learning curriculum.

“Sports Illustrated has had the honor of covering Michael’s career for close to 20 years and we are especially proud to have been the outlet for Michael to first open up about his struggles with mental health exactly 7 years ago,” stated Michael Sherman, VP, Media at Authentic Brands Group (Authentic), owner of the Sports Illustrated brand. “Michael is a true trailblazer both in and out of the pool and we are humbled to again partner with him to amplify mental health awareness through a new lens as part of this NFT collection”.

This is Michael Phelps’ debut on the blockchain. And who better to reflect his sports glory and stellar career than Sports Illustrated. The NFT project spreads across four tiers. Green Tier NFTs are still images, whereas the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Tier NFTs are digital collectibles that contain animation. These NFTs are selling as a pack for $20 each, and comes with 4 random NFT from each of these tiers. You can grab your Michael Phelps NFTs by visiting the official mint page on OneOf!

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