Monthly Display Ownership Token

The Crypt Gallery introduces their genesis release of display ownership tokens, allowing artists, collectors and communities to showcase their work IRL while receiving additional promotional perks and benefits.


Limited Supply: 30 total tokens for Dream Downtown location (NYC), 8 total tokens for Dream Hollywood location (LA), currently accepting offers for $899

Displays: all square displays play in the highest available resolution. Dimensions in NYC: 22” x 22”  |  Dimensions in LA: 24” x 24” 

Expiration: Similar to a physical key, each of the 38 screens has only 1 token which unlocks ownership for a minimum of 28 days. Holders have 7 days to verify ownership and submit assets for curation in our Discord (please complete both forms). Failure to submit by the eighth day results in deductions from the 28 day minimum. The Crypt Gallery team has 7 days to finalize and upload all curations. Once showcases are ready, holders will be notified and asked to return their token to trigger their curation going live. Failure to return tokens with a 30 day period will result in nullification.

Dropping July 12 | 8 am est | Powered by NINFA

Perks + Benefits

Full Service Curation: Ability to curate + showcase your artwork on a high resolution square display located at The Crypt Gallery. Information included on screen includes: Title of artwork, Artist, Edition, Collected by (applicable only if submitted by a collector), and QR code. Maximum of 10 minute loop or 15 artworks for submission that will be live for the entire month.

Social Media Promotion: Using Twitter, Instagram, Discord and our website blog, content will be shared across platforms including:

  • Consistent story posts on IG of IRL curation experience + artwork 
  • Custom social media reels (1 reel showcasing entire showcase curation alongside other artists for crosspollination exposure + tags)
  • Individual Artist Interview published on NFT Culture for added promotion and digital exposure 
  • NFT Culture banner ad redirecting viewers to The Crypt Gallery Featured Artist webpage
  • Inclusion of artwork in our monthly Featured Artwork NFT available only IRL at gallery locations, which serves to document curations and create interactive experience for guests (similar to pamphlets in museums documenting current exhibits)

Portfolio Reference: Emphasizing the importance of building a history + timeline, while also adding value, all artwork and projects featured in The Crypt Gallery can be referred to as having been displayed IRL in an exhibition and prime location(s). For documentation and reference purposes, a monthly curational article will be published describing featured artists. In addition, each showcased individual will be highlighted based off of information submitted in our Interview Form and published on NFT Culture.

Additional Benefits:

Right of first refusal (WL access) for next month’s token

Sales team + on site staff driving IRL traffic to your display 

LA: Dream Hollywood

With our original launch in Dream Hollywood, this location marks the opening of the first NFT gallery in the hospitality industry. Open 24/7 for guests to experience, this prime location is located at the heart of Hollywood nightlife, entertainment, fine dining, rooftop parties, and exclusive private events.

Attracting international guests, tourists, business and brand buyouts, celebrities and more, Dream Hollywood has hosted major events by NFL agencies, the Grammy’s, Infinity Art + Tech Festival and more. With the aim to utilize advantages the hospitality industry offers, The Crypt Gallery is able to reach a vast new audience and provide amplified exposure to digital artists, collectors and community projects. 

Each token edition (1-8) is associated with a specific square screen located near the main lobby desk, providing maximum visibility. Displays are organized in 2 rows (up/down) of 4 (across). The top row, going from left to right, is numbered with corresponding editions 1-4. The bottom row, going from left to right, is numbered with corresponding editions 5-8. Please see image in token for a visual reference. 

NYC: Dream Downtown

With our recent opening in Dream Downtown, this Crypt Gallery location is one of the largest permanent NFT galleries to date, open 24/7 for guests to experience, and housed in the epicenter of NYC nightlife, fine dining, and private event spaces. 

Filled with a high volume of constantly rotating international guests, brand buyouts, exclusive celebrity presence and maximized foot traffic, The Crypt Gallery aims to utilize advantages the hospitality industry offers to reach a vast new audience and provide amplified exposure to digital artists, collectors and community projects. 

Each token edition (1-30) is associated with a specific square screen located at the main entrance of Dream Downtown, providing maximum visibility. Displays are organized in 3 rows (up/down) of 10 (across). The top row, going from left to right, is numbered with corresponding editions 1-10. The middle row, going from left to right, is numbered with corresponding editions 11-20. The bottom row, going from left to right, is numbered with corresponding editions 21-30. Please see image in token for a visual reference. 

Next Steps

  1. To redeem the perks of your token, please join The Crypt Gallery Discord and visit the #Verification channel. Once approved please complete the two forms linked within the channel.
  1. All holders have 7 days to submit content needed in application forms. Please message the team on Discord with any questions or if assistance is needed. Once submitted, The Crypt Gallery team has a maximum of 7 days to finalize curation. If any information is missing or needs clarification, you will be contacted.
    • If holders do not submit within the 7 day window, time will be deducted from their monthly showcase.
  2. Once your curation and showcase is completed by The Crypt Gallery, you will be notified and asked to send back the display token. Returning this will trigger your display immediately going live and the 28 day minimum showcase window beginning. Within this 28 day period, all other deliverables will be executed.
  3. Approximately 2 weeks till the end of a curation, tokens will be re-released for public sale. Those who collected the previous month will have rights of first refusal for the following month, ensuring a token is available and allowing more flexibility for screen location to be selected.

Additional Terms + Conditions

With the purchase of this NFT, buyers are agreeing to all the terms and conditions listed within this description. For additional information or questions, please visit our Discord or email us at [email protected] 

* If any secondary market sales occur during the monthly curation (we ask that you please keep any trading on NINFA), the token’s expiration date remains the same. New curation will be immediately uploaded for a smooth transition.

** All artwork must be approved for showcase by The Crypt Gallery Curatorial team. Please keep in mind that all content must be appropriate for a hospitality location. If any content submitted needs to be amended, you will be notified by The Crypt Gallery team and given the chance to resubmit or refunded.

*** This token is valid for a minimum IRL showcase of 28 days. In the event of a conflicting curation or buyout that may need artwork temporarily removed during the month, The Crypt Gallery has the right to replace all content. If the minimum curational period is not met, The Crypt Gallery is responsible for extending days until the agreement is reached.

About NINFA x The Crypt Gallery is a new curated marketplace with the goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for the metaverse to enrich individual’s digital identities through NFTs. They are also a trusted partner to galleries, design studios and brands worldwide willing to enter the NFT ecosystem and manage their artists hassle-free. 

Launching our partnership during NFT NYC 2022, Ninfa x The Crypt Gallery showcased a curation by King of Midtown IRL at our Dream Downtown exhibition space.

We are excited to further this relationship + expand to a new platform, broadening our collector reach, artist exposure and overall audience. Looking forward to curating more artists and continuing to build our presence on NINFA!

Source NFT Culture

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