Giulio Aprin Profile

Giulio Aprin began to be passionate about photography at an early age. Photography as  well as the camera have been part of his individual growth since the age of five. 

During high school he found himself documenting the student protests that swept the  country, up to the events of 15 October 2011 in Rome for the Indignados demonstration.  Those years undoubtedly marked his direction and the commitment to document events,  places and people. This led him to study documentary filmmaking in London to pursue a  Journalistic career. The following years took him, however, along different paths.  

Today Giulio is an adventure photographer, an explorer and storyteller who captures  the mystery, complexity, diversity, and raw power of the natural world. He likes to capture unimaginable beauty and even resurrects worlds long lost to the human eye. 



Dominika Cuda

Dominika is  a women’s rights activist first and an photographer from Poland based in Italy. She magnificently captures human’s stories inspired by two contrasting realities of life. The first  one filled with influential figures from politics, sports, science and the arts, including people like  Charles Drew, Katherine Johnson and Jesse Owens. The other view of reality paints an image of  the less fortunate human beings, who haven’t experienced many of the dazzling days in their life. Most of her photography work has served a higher purpose as she has been dedicating lots of her  time into charity projects. 

Dominika’s work has been exhibited in Italy, Germany, France, Poland, the United States and  recently displayed at the Decentral Art Pavilion during the 59th Venice Art Biennale 2022. Featured in Vogue, New York Post, Women’s Health, Playboy, Ask Man, Men’s Health, Glamour  and other media worldwide.

Ray Vázquez

Ray is a Photographer and visual artist of daily life parables from Mexico based in Guatemala He loves exploring the complexity of minimalism. Through a meticulous use of lighting, symmetry  and reduction, he draws attention to the overlooked beauty of the everyday world. His images  evoke memory and sensation, transcendence over emptiness. Much of his art highlights the “story  in the details” and the everyday beauty that often goes unnoticed in our lives. As a result, his  images emphasize the dramatic beauty of everyday shapes and textures, telling a story through  light, shadow, and the captivating tones of grayscale. 


George Benjamin

George is a wildlife photographer and conservationist hailing from a small village in south west  England. 

He is fascinated about any artistic medium with the ability to pull the viewer out of the logical,  ‘normal’ world and transport them into a space that is truly alive. Everything He captures is in the  spontaneous dance and movement of the natural world, a beautiful chaos that the ‘animal’ in all of  us recognises so well. 

HIs passion about the relationship between art and nature and his dedication as an advocate for  animal rights brought him to found the NFT Conservation Fund. 

The Fund is a grant-based program supporting creatives and scientists within the conservation  sector. Grants are created using 15% of profit generated from sales, enabling talented individuals  to create the stories that matter. 


George worked on assignments for National Geographic, BBC Earth, Discovery, IFAW, and many  more.

Iness Rychlik

Renee C

Iness is a conceptual self-portrait photographer from Poland. 

She is greatly inspired by nature and historical drama. Iness suffers from a chronic skin condition  and turned this into her personal canvas for artistic expression. The subtle elegance of Rychlik’s  compositions contrasts with an underlying aura of brutality. Her conceptual photographs provoke  the viewer’s imagination, rather than satisfy it. 

Featured in The British Journal of Photography, Cultura Inquieta, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine,  L’Officiel Italia, BBC Scotland.

Renée Campbell

Renée is a botanical fine art macro photographer from Australia.  

Photography provides a form of meditation and a way to explore the world around her. Her work is evocative, colorful and easily recognizable, transporting the viewer into another  dimension, the flowers dimension. She focuses on each blossom or leaf until she finds the points  of distinction, where a balance between form, colour, light and detail bring a sense of calm. 

Renée’s work has been exhibited in group and solo shows across her hometown of Sydney,  Australia and also in New York, USA (including at Sotheby’s).

Source NFT Culture

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