Pudgy Penguins Floor Price Pumps Back To 4ETH

The Pudgy Penguins Floor has hit 4ETH for the first time this year! This is not entirely surprising, as Pudgy Penguins has been having a strong year engaging their community following the takeover led by Luca Schnetzler. With new projects and growth in sales, the Pudgy thesis continues to get stronger.

Five cartoon penuings stand in front of a drawn mountain range in support of Pudgy Penguins Floor hitting 4ETH.
Pudgy Penguins holders have described the community as “life-changing.” Credit: TechInAsia.

I Am My Pudgy and My Pudgy is Me?

Do you wake up or go to bed thinking, I am my pudgy and my pudgy is me? If not, you are currently missing out on one of the biggest trends taking place in Web3. Whether it’s on Twitter Spaces or through gm posts, the Pudgy Penguins community has been noticeably engaged. Some holders have described the process as life-changing, going so far as to self-identify with their penguins.

It’s no surprise the Pudgy Penguins Floor is now 4ETH on sites like OpenSea.

A number of animated penguins stand on a drawn yacht in front of a city during sunset.
The Pudgy Penguins team has been revitalized by Luca Schnetzler. Credit: NFTEvening.

Who is The Team Behind Pudgy?

Following the breakdown of the Founding Team, the fate of Pudgy Penguins was in limbo. In fact, the floor price went as low as 0.7 ETH at one point. Then, Luca Schnetzler took over and expanded upon the brand. Pudgy Penguins has since dropped soulbound tokens, Lil Pudgy physical toys, and hosted an Art Basel event that drew attention across the community.

A cartoon penguing stands in front a light blue background wearing a scarf and beanie.
Pudgy Penguins continues to expand its portfolio of opportunities. Credit: OpenSea.

What’s Next for Pudgy Penguins Floor Price?

The Pudgy Penguins Floor hitting 4ETH is just another sign that the brand is strong. If this is the value of a Pudgy in the darkest days of crypto winter, we have to ask, what’s next? (Will Pudgies Moon?) Regardless, the Pudgy Penguins team continues to invest in the brand and diversify into Web2. The results have been significant for Pudgy holders.

Source NFT Evening

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