RTFKT Smart Sneaker Is Here…But Only For The US

RTFKT has revealed the Cryptokicks IRL smart sneaker line, the first Web3 sneaker featuring Nike’s latest technology. The line includes four sneakers that feature auto-lacing, enhanced lighting, haptic feedback, gesture control, walk detection, App connectivity, AI/ML algorithms and wireless charging. This all sounds great, right? Well, it wasn’t enough for the community when the team announced that the smart sneakers would only be available in the US.

Let’s dive into the new sneaker line and the issue at hand.

RTFKT smart sneaker
RTFKT revealed its smart sneaker, the Cryptokicks iRl, but they’re only being shipped to the U.S. Credit: Jing Daily

RTFKT’s new smart sneaker line: Cryptokicks iRL

During Miami Art Week, the team behind RTFKT revealed their “next-gen” smart sneaker drop that combines Nike’s technology and RTFKT’s vision. This collection includes four colorways, including Space Matter, Stone, Ice, and Blackout. The sneakers include innovative features that make them the first Web3 sneaker on the market. In detail, owners of the smart sneakers can pair them with the RTFKT Cryptokicks IRL App which provides a unique experience. Further, owners will be able to customize the lights and animations on their smart sneakers through the app. In addition, the smart sneakers are able to automatically lace themselves “to a comfortable pre-programmed fit” shortly after walking. To charge the sneakers, you will need a wireless powerdeck. Moreover, the technology was adored by the community; however, they were dissatisfied with another aspect of the reveal.

Only the U.S. can receive the sneakers?

Sadly, RTFKT’s team informed the community via Twitter that they would only ship the smart sneakers to the U.S. The team stated that this was the case “due to advanced tech and product regulation.” This led to several tweets expressing the community’s outrage. Holders made fair points and argued that the team had eight months to announce the shipping details. Instead, it was not made clear and as a result, secondary buyers continued to buy MNLTH 2. Furthermore, the team published a thread to clear the air, however many questions remain unanswered. The team didn’t include the details regarding the regulatory shipping restrictions hence the reason community members questioned the legitimacy of the claim. Holders can only hope that the team improves the shipping logistics for the next drop. They unfortunately have to pay high delivery fees for the smart sneakers in the meantime.

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