ARKPIA & Florentijn Hofman to Debut World’s 1st Public Artwork AR

ARKPIA, the global art and technology brand, has announced a collaboration with world-famous artist Florentijn Hofman. Together, they are developing the ‘world’s first public artwork AR.’ To clarify, the new digital project will allow the public to install giant artworks on famous landmarks through Augmented Reality (AR) tech.

image of huge rubber duck art by Florentijn Hofman
Florentijn Hofman and ARKPIA are teaming up for a fantastic NFT AR project.

ARKPIA teams up with Florentijn Hofman and others for NFTs

ARKPIA is a creative global NFT brand by the art enterprise specialists J&JOHN. Therefore, with a focus on transforming digital works, they aim to create a community for collectors and artists to flourish.

The latest project by the ARKPIA team is an NFT collection featuring global artists and their intellectual property. Significantly, artists come from various backgrounds and work in multiple genres. They include Florentijn Hofman, Sarah Beetson, Gabriel Hollington, Dan Woodger, and Ben Ouaniche.

Alongside this, Florentijn Hofman is partnering with ARKPIA to launch a series of NFT artworks and AR featuring his infamous ‘Rubber Duck’ art.

Hofman states, “When I was offered to join the ARKPIA project, I was curious about the project. I hope to provide hope and happiness to all people by enabling them to install my large-scale works anywhere through AR. This will transcend time and space with my large-scale works only seen in the field.”

How does the AR tech work?

ARKPIA will use AR technology to enhance the art experience for collectors, artists, and the general public. 

The AR app is free for collectors who purchase digital artwork from ARKPIA. Furthermore, the new NFT mint pass goes live on November 2nd. There are 1000 in total, with a price of 0.5 ETH.

Finally, through this new app, the public can also install the Florentijn Hofman Rubber Duck artwork virtually anywhere in the world using AR technology and share it via social networks.


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