Highstreet World x 8-Bit Launch a Phygital Retail Store in the Metaverse

Highstreet World, the retail-focused metaverse, has just announced its partnership with the founder of luxury fashion brand “8-Bit By Mostly Heard Rarely Seen” Jonathan Koon. The collaboration, which will be launched on 1 August, is a unique experience that connects real streetwear fashion with the metaverse.

8-bit highstreet world
You can now wear your 8-Bit apparel in the metaverse!

About the Highstreet x 8-Bit Partnership

Through this partnership, Highstreet and 8-Bit Launch are leading a phygital business model in retail. Currently, 8-Bit’s clothing can be found at Selfridges, Harrods and Bloomingdale’s US, to name a few. From 1 August, these stores will become a portal to Highstreet World.

By scanning the QR guide sewn onto each garment, 8-Bit customers can create a digital version of themselves and wear their 8-Bit in Highstreet World. In addition, these users will receive a starter pack of 972551HIGH tokens, the game’s native currency. Thanks to this pack, they can start exploring this metaverse.

When talking about this partnership, Travis Wu, CEO and Co-Founder of Highstreet, said: “Highstreet and Jonathan Koon are after the metaverse’s holy grail: To lead anyone, anywhere, into the metaverse in a smooth, natural way. Every participant’s avatar will be an extension of their real-world self. We’re taking this step with Jonathan and 8-Bit on bridging streetwear culture with Web3 at Highstreet World.”

By moving to Highstreet World, 8-Bit customers can permanently record the ownership of their garments via blockchain technology. In addition, they can resell the NFTs of their garments on marketplaces such as OpenSea and LooksRare.

About Highstreet World

Highstreet World is a commerce-centered metaverse built with brand integration and on-chain features. 2022 will be a big year for Highstreet. This is because the team will be launching the game in four phases. The game is currently in its first phase, during which players can purchase homes in in-game regions such as Binance Beach and AVAX Alps.

Ventures like Highstreet World continue to shed light on the growing popularity of phygital experiences. Earlier this year, Italian fashion brand Diesel dropped their phygital NFT wearables in a collection called D: Verse.


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