How Rare Is NFT Rarity Checker: What it is and How to Use it.

With its many advantages over Ethereum, the Solana network has come up as a leading Ethereum competitor. And with it, Solana NFT collections are also becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, Solana’s lower gas fees, energy efficiency, and faster transactions are attracting many collectors. If you’re one of those wondering where you can find Solana NFTs, and how to find their rarity, here’s your answer: How Rare Is. 

How Rare Is name on a background of coins
‘How Rare Is’ is the most popular rarity tool to check the rarity of Solana NFTs. Credit: HowRare.Is

What is the best rarity tool for Solana NFTs?

No matter the chain, when it comes to NFTs, NFT rarity is extremely important. After all, it is one of the primary factors that decide an NFT’s value. With Solana NFTs as well, collectors are often left asking—Where are the rare Solana NFTs? How rare is my Solana NFT?

Well, this is where ‘How Rare Is’ comes into the picture.

Currently, the website has listed 689 Solana NFT collections and a total of 2.53 million NFTs. These are compiled according to their floor price, their number of items and holders, whether the NFTs are on sale, and more. 

Who Created How Rare Is?

Founded by SOLBigBrain, an influencer with over 200k followers on twitter. The anonymous founder is also a member of Big Brain Holdings, a web3 VC with investment in web3 success-stories such as NEAR and Star Atlas.

How does How Rare is differ from other Rarity Tools?

How Rare Is has a straightforward, easy-to-use interphase. On the main page, you can find all the NFT collections along with their various parameters—floor price, items, holders, on sale, % on sale, and floor MC (USD). 

You can click on any of these to see the top collections in that category. For instance, you can click ‘Floor Price’ to see all the collections listed in the ascending or descending order of their floor price. 

How To Check NFT Rarity on How Rare is

Now, to check the rarity of any NFT, simply select that particular NFT collection. For this, you can either find the collection from the list or enter the name in the search bar at the top. Within each collection’s page, at the top right, you’ll see three primary details—the number of items in the collection, the number of owners, and the collection’s total sales volume.

How to find NFTs by the highest to the lowest rarity:

In each collection page, all the NFTs will be listed based on their rank. If you select any of these NFTs, you can see their rarity rank, rarity score, and attribute details. In addition, How rare is also offers a sales history section where you can find recent transactions. 

Find the rarity of your NFT using token ID

Alternatively, you can find the rarity of the NFT you own/want using the asset ID. Once you have your ID, simply enter the figure in the “IDs” bar under the “Items Filters’ category on the project’s page. Here, you can also look for specific attribute rarities by choosing the appropriate filters. 

In SMB’s case, you can choose filters like Attribute count, Types, Clothes, Ears, Mouth, and more. You can also filter the NFTs based on their rank and price range. 

Solana Monkey Business rarity ranking
Find out rarity rank, rarity score, attribute details, and more.

From Rarity straight to the Marketplace

Once you have found the rarity of the Solana NFT that you want, you can go to the project’s website directly from How Rare Is. Several projects have an in-build marketplace on their website, from where you can directly purchase the NFT you want. 

Of course, ‘How Rare Is’ is far from the only NFT Rarity tool. However, for Solana NFTs, it seems to be the best and most popular platform to date. Whether you want to find an NFT’s rarity by token ID or traits, How rare is has the answer for you.


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