Next Earth Introduces LAND Descriptions For Its Metaverse Plots

Next Earth is introducing LAND Descriptions with the Event Horizon Update. The awaited release includes several major developments, many of which are aimed at promoting the role of business in the metaverse. Also, Next Earth is calling on users to provide feedback, noting that this iteration of capabilities is the “1.0 version.” Features began rolling out on November 30th.

There is a rocket taking off into space with an advertisement for Next Earth Land in the front.
Next Earth is launching a new Land Description capability. Credit: Next Earth.

What Are Next Earth Land Descriptions?

Next Earth’s Land Description feature provides a powerful way for landowners to showcase their Web3 and Web2 presence. That’s because descriptions can include links to redirect to any website. This means that brands can effectively use their land as a springboard to drive traffic to their site.

There is a visual graphic showing why owning virtual land in the metaverse is really cool.
The Event Horizon Update includes the launch of the Next Earth Operating System. Credit: Next Earth

What is the Next Earth Operating System?

The Event Horizon Update also includes the launch of the Next Earth Operating System (NEOS). NEOS is a language-agnostic way for developers to build on Web3. While being Web2 compatible, NEOS provides an avenue for anyone to mint Dynamic NFTs without having to code in Solidity.

There is an aerial photograph of the world and in front of it is an advertisement for Next Earth Land.
The Ambassador Program will unlock IRL benefits for landholders. Credit: Next Earth.

What is the Ambassador Program?

Next Earth is launching The Ambassador Program with the Event Horizon Update. This program allows members of the community to represent the brand in an official capacity as a Messenger, Builder, or Creator. These are the three tiers of perks, each with its own set of opportunities. Next Earth will even allow some Ambassadors to represent the brand at IRL events or open a Regional Hub.

There is a sunrise coming up over the ocean with text about Next Earth's Event Horizon Day.
The Accelerator Program offers a robust new avenue for Web3 entrepreneurs. Credit: Next Earth.

What is the Accelerator Program?

The Accelerator Program is meant for entrepreneurs with a business idea that they want to put into application. If chosen, Next Earth will support the project with business insights and funding assistance. This represents a powerful channel for Web3 Founders interested in going live with their projects.

Next Earth is continuing to build for the future, proving that a bear market is the best time to get busy.


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