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Founding: 2020

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Zora describes themselves as a “universal media registry protocol” as a way to share NFTs. They’ve created the following manifesto:

The platforms that hold our audiences and content hostage. The labels that lock down our rights. The galleries that hold our art ransom. The big brands that think exposure is cash. They have a monopoly on ownership, a monopoly on creativity and they have been robbing us of the value we create for as long as there’s been a creative industry.

Zora is a protocol designed for the Ethereum blockchain that establishes universal, perpetual markets for media in the form of ERC-721. Each piece of media is embedded with a market, consisting of a transparent pool of bids. As a result, a universal buy-side liquidity pool develops for the piece of media that an owner can access and act upon at any time. Each market is unique to the piece of media, and its bids can be inspected by anyone. In addition to bids, the media owner may choose to set an ask price for their media, which is a suggested bid that can be executed by a willing buyer.

Source NFT Culture


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