XCOPY Announces Build-A-Grifter Competition For A Free NFT

NFT artist XCOPY has announced an exciting competition, “Build-a-Grifter,” to celebrate the new Grifters homepage and the popularity of the NFT collection. Furthermore, if you participate in this competition, you will be in the running for a free NFT of XCOPY‘s famous design.

creating a grifter in build-a-grifter mode, with the chance to win a free XCOPY NFT
Now’s your chance to win a free XCOPY NFT by building your very own Grifter!

Here’s how you can get a free XCOPY NFT

XCOPY announced the Build-A-Grifter competition via Twitter: “GRIFTERS.WTF. Grifters have a new home thanks to @AsyncArt. Let’s celebrate with a remix giveaway! Build-a-Grifter, customize it and tag #griftszn to join in. Top 3 will receive max pain!”

To participate, simply visit the new Grifters homepage, and click on “Build-a-Grifter.” Then, in Build-a-Grifter mode, you can create your own Grifter by choosing between various customisation options. These include options like gouge, wretch, flimflam, and shady. So, with all the options available, the Grifters world is your oyster! Finally, after creating your Grifter, tweet and tag #griftszn. As a result, you will be putting your name in the hat for a free XCOPY NFT.

About XCOPY’s Grifters

Grifters is a collection of 666 PFP NFTs by XCOPY. The artist has been creating NFTs for several years and is one of the most beloved artists in the NFT space. Launched in December 2021, the Grifters collection features eerie humanoid faces in blue, dark yellow and green, set against a black background.

It is safe to say that Grifters have captured NFT collectors’ imagination, as they maintained high floor prices over the bear market. Therefore, this competition gives one lucky winner to earn a high-value NFT. Not only this, but this free XCOPY NFT competition continues to solidify Grifters’ popularity in the NFT space.


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