The Metaverse is already here and INTERPOL is taking steps to make our new virtual world safer for all users.

You’d be surprised how many organizations are working on the Metaverse. While you mostly hear news about Meta, Unity, and Microsoft, thousands of companies across the world are developing technology that will power the next step in human communication.

It’s estimated that 30% of all companies will have a Metaverse-related product on the market in the next five years.

But businesses are not the only ones working on Metaverse projects. As a matter of fact, many government-sponsored organizations are developing their programs to help keep us safe in this new digital world.

INTERPOL is one such organization. And they’re not just working on developing their Metaverse presence. They’re also working on making sure the Metaverse is a safe place for everyone.

What’s the INTERPOL Metaverse All About?

Last week, The International Criminal Police Organization announced the launch of the INTERPOL Global Police Metaverse. This new virtual world will allow officers to tour a virtual replica of the INTERPOL headquarters, interact with other officers, and take immersive training courses. 

The Metaverse is provided through the INTERPOL Secure Cloud and is fully operational.

The creation of an Expert Group on the Metaverse will represent the concerns of law enforcement on the global stage – ensuring this new virtual world is secure by design. The Metaverse is often discussed as the potential next stage in developing the Internet. 

Roughly one in every four people is predicted to spend at least an hour a day in it by 2026.

How Will the INTERPOL Use Their Metaverse?

This new virtual world will benefit law enforcement agencies worldwide by providing a secure environment for training, collaboration, and investigation. In these early days of the Metaverse, it is important that law enforcement is represented and that our concerns are heard.

The Expert Group on the Metaverse will help to ensure that this new virtual world is secure by design. So far, many cases of digital violence have been reported in the Metaverse. From harassment to fraud, the Metaverse is a place where criminals can operate with impunity.

The INTERPOL Global Police Metaverse will help to change that.

Why is the INTERPOL Metaverse Important?

One key difference between the Metaverse and other existing platforms is that all interactions in the Metaverse are mediated by software. That allows for a far higher degree of immersion and interaction than is possible in other online platforms.

For example, in Second Life, users can only interact indirectly through their avatars; in contrast, users in the Metaverse will be able to interact directly with each other and with computer-generated objects using their real bodies and voices.

Another key difference is that the Metaverse will be built on open standards from day one. This means that anyone can create their own software programs – “Metaverse applications” or “MAPPs” – to run within it without obtaining permission from a central authority.

That contrasts sharply with existing platforms such as Second Life, controlled by a single company – Linden Lab – and subject to that company’s whims and business model.

Keeping the Metaverse Safe for Future Generations

The INTERPOL Global Police Metaverse launch marks an important milestone in developing this potentially transformative technology. Providing a secure training, collaboration, and investigation environment will help law enforcement agencies fight crime better and keep our communities safe.

The Metaverse may become an everyday part of our lives, like the Internet today. It is important that we get it right from the start.

Source NFT News today

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