Aavegotchi Goes Big with All-New PVP Battle Aarena

Hold onto your hats Gotchi-fans, recreational violence is heading to the spookiest corner of the blockchain. Soon, the bravest and best Aavegotchi will battle for eternal glory in the Gotchiverse Aarena.

The time has come to sharpen the swords and polish those shields, PVP combat is on a collision course with the Gotchiverse. For the first time ever, the normally amicable Aavegotchi can show their mettle in the fighting pits. With fame, glory and riches in store for those who can take up arms and emerge victorious.

Just like the colosseums of old, spectators can share in the fun as they cheer on their mighty champions. As a result, spicing up each match with live tipping, and the ability to unleash an additional force of NPC monsters onto the unwitting combatants. All in addition to the chance to host customizable private battles, and add paid sponsorship to adorn the Aarena walls.
The first taste of the Gotchiverse Aarena will arrive in a test release running from December 16-19. Then followed by the initial stable release a few weeks later in January. As the game develops over the coming months, team Aavegotchi will add more tournaments and battle modes to increase the longevity and fun-factor.

Source NFT Plazas

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