About the BAYC-Themed Metaverse Experience in the Sandbox

The Sandbox has partnered with Metaprints to create a free-to-play metaverse experience, featuring popular Bored Apes from the BAYC NFT collection as main characters. The Monkeying Around blockchain-based game will allow people to potentially earn huge prizes simply by completing challenges in the game and gaining a high score. The experience is now live and will run until mid-October. So, what is Monkeying Around, and what prizes are on offer in the BAYC game?

image of BAYC Sandbox metaverse experience game
The Sandbox BAYC game is live, with huge prizes up for grabs!

Sandbox Alpha Season 3 introduces the BAYC metaverse experience

The Sandbox and Metaprints, a Forj-owned brand, are subsidiaries of Animoca Brands. Metaprints is a metaverse experience builder, and The Sandbox is a web3 metaverse platform. Together, they have created a wonderful metaverse gaming experience based on one of NFT’s most famous collections, the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

“The ‘Monkeying Around’ Experience is a showcase project from the team at Metaprints and Forj. It illustrates both the fun and creative experiences that brands can create for their communities in the metaverse,” said Harry Liu, CEO of Forj and Team Lead at Metaprints.”

What prizes are on offer in the BAYC swamp game?

This is a unique swamp-themed adventure game that anyone can play. Meaning, you do not have to be a BAYC holder to take part. However, additional rewards are available for players holding a BAYC NFT or Genesis MetaPrint NFT. Significantly, the BAYC Sandbox metaverse experience also allows Bored Ape owners to play as their unique PFPs within the game.

In total, $30,000 worth of prizes is available during the Sandbox BAYC metaverse ‘Monkeying Around’ experience. Players who complete challenges and have high scores will be among the winners. 

Finally, the BAYC game is part of the wider Alpha Season 3 of The Sandbox. Season 3 will introduce over 90 unique metaverse experiences and more than 22 new brands to the popular metaverse platform.


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